The Only Real Fun in Life

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Always encourage your friends and family members to try new things. Take the initiative to be the leader of a given group and encourage people to enjoy themselves. Find a cool dive bar no one else knows about. Look for a fun, affordable restaurant. Plan a night on the town with a group of friends, choosing the most entertaining places around.

Encourage people to try new things. Convince a shy friend to try karaoke. Push a picky eater to try an unusual type of food. You will have more fun bringing those around you out of their shells. Make people feel comfortable around you. Do not judge people for loosening up. This will make people feel at ease, allowing everyone to have more fun. Stay open to new experiences. People who have a lot of fun tend to be open-minded. If you're afraid of new situations, you're likely to miss out on a lot sitting on the sidelines.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone every day. Some days, this may be something small.

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You may, for example, listen to a new band online. Other days, this may be something big, like going skydiving for the first time. Always take the opportunities that present themselves to you. If a co-worker asks you to go salsa dancing, go. If your cousin wants you to go mountain climbing with her, go.

Even if you have reservations and fears about certain activities, what do you have to lose? If you don't have a great time, you'll at least have a story to tell that could make others laugh in the future. Explore nature attractions near you. Most areas have something to offer in terms of natural beauty. If you're itching for the adventure or a vacation, but you are short on time or money, explore the natural beauty of your area.

You can have fun doing a simple weekend hike or camping trip. If so, go see them. Are there beaches in your area? Go swimming one weekend. Are there popular hiking trails? Bring other people in on the adventure with you. Part of having a fun life is creating fun memories with those around you. Get a group together to do a weekend camping trip or a fun beach day. Have fun at work.

Work does not have to be boring.

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  5. As you likely spend a great deal of your time at work, having fun at work is important to having a fun life overall. Strive to be the person in the office who brings others positivity and joy. Create small routines to bring fun to the office. For example, you could try to bring in cookies every Wednesday, or buy a co-worker who looks tired a coffee.

    Decorate your workspace with things that make you happy. You can, for example, put up family photos, or pictures from a recent vacation, in your cubicle. Joke around with co-workers. Talk about funny things you've seen and read. Laughing throughout the day can make work seem less tedious. Embrace fun in your romantic relationship. If you're in a relationship, make your romance a source of fun. You should always be looking for ways to have fun with your partner. Find an activity both you and your partner enjoy and make time for it. Fun can often fall to the wayside, so make sure you schedule a pocket of time during the week just to have fun together.

    Try playing a game you both like or watching a funny movie. Agree, ahead of time, that you will both loosen up. Allow yourselves to feel like kids again, and to laugh and be goofy. Agree to put any serious issues aside and simply enjoy one another's company engaging in a fun activity. If you're the competitive type, avoid competitions during your fun time.

    Instead, try doing something that involves teamwork. You could, for example, work on a puzzle together rather than compete in a board game. Make the most of alone time. Most of us spend at least some time alone. If you want to have a fun life, learn to embrace that time. You want to be able to look forward to a night spent alone as much as you look forward to going out with friends.

    Try powering down electronics and simply enjoying some peace and quiet. Think of this as a way to recharge rather than feeling like you're isolating yourself. Embrace a solitary activity. Things like reading, writing, or artwork are often difficult to engage in with another person. Make the most of your alone time by practicing a solitary activity you enjoy. Try exploring nature alone. Many people love the solitude of nature. If you have a few hours to yourself after work, try taking a long walk alone.

    Enjoy your chores and errands. Try reframing the way you think about tedious tasks.

    26 Simple Ways to Make Your Life More Exciting

    Things like errands and chores may seem like a drag, but you can actually have fun being productive with the right mindset. Do not think, "I have to do the dishes. You may come to dislike cleaning more if you let things pile up until people are on their way over. Work on doing a little cleaning every day. If chores don't feel unmanageable, you won't resent them so much.

    Find a way to add some fun to your work routine. Play some music while you do dishes or listen to a podcast. Dance while you're dusting the house.

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    7. This can make chores feel more entertaining overall. Take time for small pleasures. Small pleasures should be savored. Give yourself small treats throughout the day. Have a piece of chocolate after returning an email. Watch a five minute video after a stressful work meeting. Make time for tiny breaks to indulge in small pleasures. Remember, fun does not have to constitute a big, planned event. Tiny pleasures can bring as much fun as more intense pursuits. Mindfulness is a means of staying in the present moment and noticing your surroundings.

      Practicing mindfulness throughout the day can be a great way to have more fun, as you'll get more enjoyment out of life. When you get up in the morning, you often begin to feel stress. Do not think about the day ahead. Focus on the sensations around you, the sight, smell, taste, and feel of all you experience. Apply mindfulness when walking, driving, or taking the train. Put away electronic devices and pay attention to the moment. Take in the smells and sounds.

      Appreciate how your body feels, and pay attention to your movements. Block out time for play each day. Many people think of play as a childhood indulgence; however, play is how people unwind, learn new skills, and relax. Make play a priority by keeping it in your daily schedule. Look for times in the day where you're not doing much of anything.

      26 Interesting Things To Do

      Maybe you find yourself mindlessly browsing the Internet between six and seven each night after dinner. You could use this time to play. Engage in a form of play you enjoy. Go on a weekend excursion. Plan a fun getaway for days for some outdoor or indoor adventure. REI offers a variety of adventure travel including some great weekend getaways if you want some ideas.

      Here are 26 simple living ideas of interesting things to do.

      Test drive a sports car. Ok, so you may not be able to buy one, but that doesn't mean you can't try it out. Go take a spin behind the wheel of your favorite car. Arrange a secret rendezvous. Surprise your beloved with a romantic evening or overnight hotel stay. Try an unusual recipe. Cook something that you've never tried before or order something unusual at a restaurant that you wouldn't normally try.

      Read an adventure novel or thriller. Enjoy your excitement vicariously through a juicy, good book. Go to a comedy club or mystery dinner theater. Have an exciting evening of laughs or thrills to shake up your routine weekend. Write down your life vision. Spend some time thinking about your ideal life filled fun, excitement and adventure. Write down your vision and the actions you could take to get yourself there. This is excitement plus responsibility, so be sure you are ready for both.

      A pet especially a puppy will be great company and provide fun opportunities to meet other pet people. Go to a rock concert. Get tickets to your favorite band and take your favorite person to listen to some body-moving music. Night time is best if you don't want the excitement of an arrest. Find a pool or a hot tub, strip down, and bring a loved one. Add a bottle of champagne for even more excitement. Try a random act of kindness. Do something unexpectedly nice for a friend or a complete stranger. Pay for someone's coffee. Leave a love note. Be curious about people.

      Ask people old and new friends questions about their lives. Learn what other people do and what makes them tick. You might discover something intriguing about them and yourself. Don't wait to try something, to initiate, to take action. Stop playing it safe or looking for someone else to take the lead. Be a creative creator of your life. You can make it as exciting and thrilling as you wish.

      Do that one big thing. Is there one big action you've been holding back on that could turn your life from boring to amazing? Maybe it's a job change, a move, a proposal, a change of scenery, a new relationship in your life. Whatever it is, take the first step. Action creates momentum, and momentum builds excitement. For the most part, an exciting life doesn't happen to you. And when it does, it may not be the kind of excitement you want! You need to find ways to jazz up your life in small ways by shifting your perspective — and changing some of your daily actions. I really like Tip 23!

      My inbox— especially at work— is always full of emails that are negative and sometimes impolite.

      I figure that if all of us sent one email a day to appreciate someone else, we would make the world just a little bit happier. Daniel, That is really a great idea. I hope you get many nice emails in return — and that you delete the nasty ones very quickly! This is a really exciting list indeed.

      Just before reading this post I had decided to take my digital camera and walk some 10 kilometers to an 11am appointment instead of taking a bus. I think it will be exciting. Hi Berrie, this is a good article in a way which helps remind us of how we could implement simple ways to help bring a more exciting life. I recall a time when my life had dramatically changed in a way that I had a lot of lonely time wondering what to do. The thing which helped me the most was to start creating a list of things to do for each evening of the week which inspired me.

      I was going through a rough patch at the time, however, I set the intention to go to social events, attend kung fu classes, play music with friends more often and go to as many social gatherings as possible. It was a matter of getting creative. It was not long until I found myself pretty occupied throughout the whole week and certainly quitting the TV helped.

      I think it is a good to create or review our lists on a regular basis because as we all know variety is very much a human need. Paul, that is very inspiring. I applaud you for making those things happen during a difficult period of life. I hope it lifted your spirits and made your life more interesting. Thank YOU for sharing! We could all use some excitement in our lives which often threatens to be overwhelmed by our hectic schedules. Learning something new is always exciting for me especially if it brings me closer to my goals.

      It stretches me and forces me out of my comfort zone. And it also gives me more options when it comes to living a better life. This is definitely a great way to add spice to your life especially if you have that someone special. Seize every moment you can in life to live without regrets. In the end, all we have are moments so it is best to make them count.

      I enjoy reading a good book. I prefer historical epics and books on empire building. That is truly a dangerous enterprise which makes for good reading. But having said that, I prefer to play grand strategy games where I can shape history according to my wishes. It is always fun to build up my armies and march them across Europe or Japan. Reading is fun, but bringing history to life the way you want it to be is better. Hi Irving, I have no doubt your life is very exciting! It seems like you have so many interesting things going on.

      Always so nice to hear from you! It seems to me that adding variety to our life, in almost any circumstance,, can make for some interesting results. Step out of character a bit. This could make for some hilarious results, especially when dealing with other people. Jon you crack me up.

      The Only Real Fun in Life The Only Real Fun in Life
      The Only Real Fun in Life The Only Real Fun in Life
      The Only Real Fun in Life The Only Real Fun in Life
      The Only Real Fun in Life The Only Real Fun in Life
      The Only Real Fun in Life The Only Real Fun in Life

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