The Four-Chambered Heart

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Some seed is always carried and opened in the soil of passion. The fumes of desire are the womb of man's birth and often in the drunkeness of caresses history is made, and science, and philosophy. For a woman, as she sews, cooks, embraces, covers, warms, also dreams that the man taking her will be more than a man, will be the mythological figure of her dreams, the hero, the discoverer, the builder Unless she is the anonymous whore, no man enters woman with impunity, for where the seed of man and woman mingle, within the drops of blood exchanged, the changes that take place are the same as those of great flowing rivers of inheritance, which carry traits of character from father to son to grandson, traits of character as well as physical traits.

Memories of experience are transmitted by the same cells which repeated the design of a nose, a hand, the tone of a voice, the color of an eye. These great flowing rivers of inheritance transmitted traits and carried dreams from port to port until fulfillment, and gave birth to selves never born before No man and woman know what will be born in the darkness of their intermingling; so much besides children, so many invisible births, exchanges of soul and character, blossoming of unknown selves, liberation of hidden treasures, buried fantasies V3 in Nin's Continuous Novel.

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You drug me and at the same time you give me strength. What flows through the veins besides blood is the distillation of every act committed, the sediment of all the visions, wishes, dreams and experiences.

All the past emotions converge to tint the skin and flavor the lips, to regulate the pulse and produce crystals in the eyes. Love the great narcotic was the agent provocateur exposing all the secret selves to daylight.

The Four-Chambered Heart: V3 in Nin's Continuous Novel

But your feet are so swift, so swift, they carry you as lightly as wings, I never know where, too fast, too fast away from me. The potion is the sum of one's whole existence. When something hurts you, saddens you, I rush to avoid it, to alter it, to feel as you do, but you turn away with a gesture of impatience and say: Gives them the luck of bandits, and no guilt, for love fills certain people and expands them beyond all laws; there is no time, no place for regrets, hesitations, cowardices.

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  • Love runs free and reckless, and all the gentle trickeries perpetrated to protect others from its burns-those who are not the lovers but who might be the victims of this love's expansion. However, by the mids, she was the one doing most of the work, and anything left to Gonzalo was usually left unfinished or poorly done.

    Not only was she disillusioned by Gonzalo, she grew to hate Helba. In late , she writes in her unpublished diary: The relationship continued to wither until Nin collapsed under the ever-growing burden. Nin says in her diary: The one I knew at the end, without illusion, I did not love.

    Chambers of the heart

    People create an illusion together and then it is disintegrated by reality. Lawrence and Carson McCullers. A place in some obscure recess, where flows eternal love, in a realm so different from the one inhabited by Rango that they would never meet or collide, in these vast cities of the interior. It joins several other Nin titles on Kindle: Tell us what you're thinking Mail will not be published required. Helba Huara in costume.

    The Four-Chambered Heart The Four-Chambered Heart
    The Four-Chambered Heart The Four-Chambered Heart
    The Four-Chambered Heart The Four-Chambered Heart
    The Four-Chambered Heart The Four-Chambered Heart
    The Four-Chambered Heart The Four-Chambered Heart

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