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Forces behind codification

The Code made women legally and economically dependent on men.

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Women acquired the nationality of their husbands upon marriage and they had to reside where their husband desired. The Code guaranteed the supremacy of the man over his wife and children; the husband was the ruler of the household.

Napoleonic Code And Women

Moreover, the Code reduced, if not eliminated, male accountability for sexual acts and thrust it squarely on women. For example, men were no longer susceptible to paternity suits or legally responsible for the support of illegitimate children. Women were weakened economically if they bore illegitimate children, whereas men were not so affected if they fathered them.

Finally, female adultery was punished by imprisonment and fines unless the husband relented and took his wife back.

What Was The Danelaw? Codes Of Ur Nammu: More Ancient History Facts. Men, however, suffered no such sanctions unless they brought their sexual partner into the home.

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The sexual behavior of women was open to scrutiny and prescribed by law, whereas that of men, almost without exception, had no criminal aspect attached to it. Abolition of divorce by mutual consent actually amounted to a significant regression for French women. As the Napoleonic Code strongly influenced many legal systems in Europe and the New World, it also set the terms for the treatment of women on a widespread basis. Napoleon was pleased that his new laws had been spread throughout the empire, and said late in his life:.

That will live forever.

Napoleonic Code: Why Was One Of The Most Influential Legal Codes Flawed?

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The Napoleonic Code The Napoleonic Code
The Napoleonic Code The Napoleonic Code
The Napoleonic Code The Napoleonic Code
The Napoleonic Code The Napoleonic Code
The Napoleonic Code The Napoleonic Code
The Napoleonic Code The Napoleonic Code
The Napoleonic Code The Napoleonic Code

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