In the Bed of a Duke (Cameron Sisters)

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Cameron Sisters - 1. Society dictates that a governess should be modest, quiet, and keep to herself. She should never contradict her employer. And, above all, she must not attract the attention of any male in the household. But Michael Severson doesn't see Is Gaze longingly into her eyes while declaring her beauty Colonel Colin Mandland has wealth, power But although there is no mistress of his newly purchas She was determined to marry for love, never expecting that her adventures would lead her to a lifetime of passion.

Sometimes the opportunity to misbehave is very tempting indeed, even for the most well-bred young lady.

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Marry the local vicar -- a stodgy man with six impossible children -- never! Deborah Percival is determined to discover passion in a man's arms Desperate for someone to help her protect her land, a female con artist saves an ex-lawman from the hangman's noose by claiming him as her husband. And when her "no-good spouse" turns out to be a hero, she longs to turn their charade into a real marr Posing as a tea merchant, Colonel Michael Sanson infiltrates an eccentric chemist's household in search of a stolen formula.

But as soon as he lays eyes on the thief's niece, Lady Jocelyn, he is sidetracked into doing the fair lady's bidding. Headstrong Mary Gates longs to once again make the family stables the finest in England -- so she bids on the famous Spender stud. The only way to pay for the beast is to marry, but her only prospect in the village is her equally headstrong neighbor What is the invigorating appeal of the younger man?

Is it his boyish charm, his enthusiasm for life? His appreciation of a woman's experience, and his eagerness to learn more? Or perhaps it's his vigor, hi Journey to nineteenth-century Scotland There, away from the stifling ballrooms and idle gossip of London, a debutante hopes to find a life she could only have imagined Every young lady of the ton knows the rules -- never dance with the same man twice in a row, always walk attended Because society can be cruel to those who break the rules Every young woman dreams of making her London debut What could be more exciting than dancing the night away with the ton's handsomest men A reckless rake returns home, richer, but not completely reformed But is he worthy of the love of this innocent temptress?

Or will this be a marriage in name only? Everyone knew the earl of Penhollow needed a wife, so one thunderous night the villagers gathered together to ask the ocean to deliver a bride to the bachelor lord. But the charming beast, John Barron, abandoned her on their wedding night The constraints of quiet widowhood have become too much for Lady Caroline Pearson to bearespecially now that her brother-in-law has idiotically, and illegally, gambled away her house. Boldly, she confront's the new owner in per Not even her forbiddingly handsome guardian Grant Morgan could stand in By the strict standards of London society, Julia was ruined.

View on the Mobile Site. The Duke That I Marry Historical Romance Nov Spinster Heiresses - 3 Once upon a time there were three young ladies who, despite their fortunes, had been on the marriage mart a bit too long. A Match Made in Bed. A Date at the Altar. The Fairest of Them All. The Match of the Century. A Little Thing Called Love. The Groom Says Yes. The Bride Says Maybe. The tension between the hero and heroine was so off for me.

The book started off with them absolutely hating each other, which is fine They go from glaring and ignoring each other and by page 37 it all went down the toilet for me. He asked her why she was traveling to Scotland, and she refused to answer him. He figured that if he literally jumped across the carriage to land on her The tension between the hero and heroine was so off for me.

He figured that if he literally jumped across the carriage to land on her and pin her down, kiss her soundly and immediately shove his hands under her dress and roam them up her thighs I didn't buy it at all. That whole scene did not fit into how his character had been built-up to at that point Afterwards, they seemed to carry on as if that whole awkward scene never happened and were somewhat pals against what evils seemed to be brewing in the Scottish wilds.

By page 73 I did not care either way about the characters, they were very Meh for me.

In the Bed of a Duke

This book was it. I like Cathy Maxwell, I really do but for the second time, this book didn't grab my attention Hence the reason it took me all the way up until the fight in the middle to realize I have read it before. Not cool book, not cool. I think it's a lot of my cynicism coming through, and in no reflection of the book itself, but that just didn't sit well with me. Also the plot line of McKenna taking away Justin as babe but never once telling their father and instead waiting until AFTER the old Duke died before revealing it to Philip, the current duke, struck me as odd.

If they were so determined to get their revenge on the old Duke, why did they ever not tell him. That makes no sense to me. But other then that, the book ended the way I recalled. And that was okay Jan 24, Lady Darcie Guenon rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Charlotte Cameron is an American trying to fit into London. After helping her sister Miranda jilt the Duke of Colster for husband Charlotte has been putting up with insane things and she isn't going to let the Duke of Colster treat her family the way he has anymore. Set out on to scotland to met the Dukes enemy Charlotte hopes that this man will be able to help her with her little problem little does she know the Duke is also on his way to Scotland to meet the same person.

Phillip Maddox, the Duke OF Colster has had enough of the whispers going around after being jilted by Miranda Cameron he needs an out and finds one when he gets a letter saying that his twin brother was still alive and has been taken by his families emeny Lord MacKenna. Set on finding his brother Phillip heads to Scotland only to wind up with the one person he never thougth to see ever again and thats Charlotte Cameron. The two begin an EPIC journey to find hope, happiness and maybe even love.

Apr 04, ies rated it really liked it Shelves: Nah, pas ngelamar di ball gitu, Miranda nolak.. Padahal Phillip yg tadinya gak mau nikah lagi setelah kematian Elizabeth kr melahirkan dan merasa bersalah mulai mikir nikah lagi pas liat Miranda. Setelah insiden itu Phillip makin kekeh gak mau nikah lagi deh..

Phillip diem2 pergi ke Scott buat nyari kakaknya, Duke yg sah secara hukum, die pergi diam-diam tanpa pengawal atau karyawan satupun karena die gak yakin apakah surat itu bener atau cuma hoax doang. Nah, pas lagi badai gitu.. Phillip sendiri kaget bukan maen, kenapa die bisa gitu.. Charlotte Cameron, pindah dari Amerika ke Inggris buat masa depan adek-adeknya sesuai harapan mamanya yg mati karena di bunuh Indian , harapannya tu tinggi banget.. Miranda di taksir sama Duke of Colster dan bikin Charlotte hepiii banget awalnya, sampai die tau kalau Miranda itu cintanya sama Alex, setengah Indian yg punya bisnis shipping dan Charlotte pun meyakinkan Miranda buat mengikuti kata hatinya, mo ngapain jadi Duchess kl lo gak hepi?

Masalahnya Charlotte salah langkah pas nolak sang Duke dan terus dikucilkan seluruh ton, bahkan Alex gak bisa lagi bisnis di Inggris karena sang Duke murka, ya mkn si Duke nya gak turun tangan langsung tp kan ton langsung melakukan boikot. Sekarang Charlotte terasing sampai Constance heroine buku 5 , adek bontotnya di sekolahin di Edinburg biar gak ngadepin ton yg makin menjadi-jadi, pokoknya semua karena Duke of Colster. Sampai one day, Charlotte dapet surat dari Laird MacKenna, trs ketemu secara langsung pas acara apa gitu lah, si Laird bilang terus terang kl die naksir Charlotte apalagi mereka sama-sama punya musuh yg sama si Duke of Colster.

Charlotte si biasa aja sama si Laird, apalagi Laird nya ude tua kan.. Sampai badai di jalan, dan kusirnya bilang ada gentlemen yg kaki kudanya patah, awalnya si kusir si gak mau nolong, tp Charlotte kasian kan di suruh masuk aja ke kereta kuda, alangkah kagetnya Charlotte pas yg masuk itu si Phillip Maddox, Duke of Colster. Setelah banter caci maki satu sama lain, Charlotte gak sengaja nyebut MacKenna kan, dan si Duke murka kaya orang kesetanan, males banget ngejelasin hubungan sama si Laird, Charlotte ngelawan mati-matian sampai insiden kissu-kissu heboh itu, Charlotte jg gak ngerti kenapa response nya gitu amat ke si Phillip, mungkin kr selama ini die kesel banget kali ya..

Pokoknya akhirnya mereka lari gitu lah, berdua nyolong kuda.. Charlotte bilang si, gw kaga bakalan ngomong kesiapa-siapa kok, pas liat Phillip mukanya marah, tp dalam hati Charlotte bilang one day akan gunakan itu biar die bisa di pake lagi di ton dan Alex bisa lagi bisnis di London. Laird MacKenna itu kan King nya Scott kan, sampai para pemilik tanah di Scott pada jual tanahnya dan berbalik arah mihak king of England, salah satunya keluarga Maddox, leluhurnya Phillip.

Oke itu masalah nasional deh ya, masalah yg sebenernya itu adalah Laird MacKenna sekarang itu dulu satu sekolah sama bapaknya Phillip, dan Bapaknya Phillip itu cruel kan, dingin dan ya rake banget.. Makanya buat balas dendam, Rowena tu nyamar jadi bidan pas emaknya Phillip lahiran dan ambil anaknya, bilang kl anaknya mati bpknya Phillip lagi travel sama King nya kala itu, kr diplomat jg kaya Phillip. Yang Rowena gak tau, kl ternyata anaknya itu kembar, dan yg kedua lahir kemudian pas Rowena ude pergi bawa Justin kakaknya Phillip.

Jadi ini sebenernya masalah pribadi bkn masalah nasional seperti yg laird nya gembor-gemborkan ke rakyatnya sih. Terus apakah Justin masih hidup? Oh ya, terus gimana Charlotte — Phillip, bahkan sampai melarikan diri lagi sama Justin kali ini, Phillip masih gak mau bilang kl die cinta sama Charlotte, meski tiap malem bobo bareng jg..

Phillip jg menyerahkan gelar Duke nya ke Justin dan milih jadi Lord Phillip Madox, diplomat ma tetep.. Cuma bahasanya aja yg gw rada mikir.. Quite the beginning with Charlotte and Phillip meeting on the road to Scotland; a lot of intensity between these two characters right off the bat. I found myself secretly cheering on Charlotte's lack of "proper" manners toward Phillip the Duke the American in me.

Charlotte takes one man out, and helps shoot another while she calmly tells Phillip to run "and this time don't diddle around" hahaha Crrraaazzzy Quite the beginning with Charlotte and Phillip meeting on the road to Scotland; a lot of intensity between these two characters right off the bat.

Charlotte takes one man out, and helps shoot another while she calmly tells Phillip to run "and this time don't diddle around" hahaha Crrraaazzzy moment when after Phillip and Charlotte are laying about in afterglow and she is dreamily thinking she found her duke he tells her she is not going back to London without him. She thinks it's because he loves her and then he tells her its because now he has a secret that would ruin her she had a secret against him, so he needed something to have equal footing. I can't even describe this moment and how spectacular Maxwell did at writing this part because it completely took me by surprise what Phillip said.

The storyline of Phillip having a twin brother added a dimension to the story. The character of Tavis or Justin as he was named when he was baby is intriguing especially being the twin born first so Phillip turns out not to be the true Duke. Can't wait to read Justin's story! Phillip was kind of an a-hole during most of the book.

He spent most the time claiming he could never marry Charlotte, which given the time period and class issues yes I know is realistic but it's a romance book dammit those issues should be ignored. He was straight up prickish to her but then when she left him, the old you don't know what you have until you lost it spurred him into action. I do wonder though if he would have still married her if he was going to remain the Duke.

Anyway, the ending seemed rushed to me with Phillip seeing the light a bit fast after pages and pages of having him think she was too "below" him. The beginning of the book was good with Charlotte and Phillip's battling, in fact I really thought it was going to be a keeper.

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However, the ending with Phillip denying Charlotte and suddenly with no apparent reason accepting she could be his wife not the greatest. Feb 05, Lover of Romance rated it really liked it Shelves: Charlotte Cameron, heads up to Scotland, to visit Laird McKenna, whom if she marries him is a way to repair the damage done to her family by letting her sister marry the man that she loved.

After her and her sisters came to England, she convinced her sister whom after being practically engaged to a peer to marry a man she had loved for many years. So Charlotte, knowing that she and her sisters might be shunned from society, decided that the happiness of her sister was more important. Now trave Charlotte Cameron, heads up to Scotland, to visit Laird McKenna, whom if she marries him is a way to repair the damage done to her family by letting her sister marry the man that she loved. Now traveling up to Scotland and in hopes of marrying this Laird, is the only way to fix what has been wrought, until Phillip Maddox ends up in the carriage with her.

Phillip is still furious at having been dumped by a Cameron, can hardly believe he is in the same carriage as Charlotte. But then a spark of desire flares up between them through a sensual embrace, and all his bitter feelings go flying through the roof at this one kiss from Charlotte and he knows that she will be his destiny.

I have read this series before but its been a couple of years, so I thought I would re read them again, but I have always loved In The Bed Of A Duke, I loved how the story flows from two people hating one another, then turning into them falling in love. There is also a mystery and dangerous side to the story that will keep the reader on their toes, and fully engaged throughout the whole of the story.

There was also such a emotional side to the story as well, that will pull at your heartstrings. Dec 23, Mornie rated it it was amazing. My favorite book of hers. Love the main characters! However, he learns that his older twin brother Justin, who died in childbirth, actually is alive. He was kidnapped by Laird MacKenna and was raised in the Highlands. Philip needs to know the truth.

She sees a man needing a ride, but when he enters the carriage, Charlotte and Phillip recognize one another. They argue and soon physically fight. He suddenly kisses her and both lose control. The next day eight Highlanders capture them and take them to MacKenna who has raised an army to free Scotland from the absentee lords that are selling out the land from underneath the long time tenant farmers. As they battle, Phillip knows he loves Charlotte.

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The strong support cast adds depth to this tense historical suspense. Though the escape from the villain who has plotted for years seems too easy, fans will appreciate this terrific early nineteenth century thriller. Mar 25, jenjn79 rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I waited too long to review this book, so my comments will probably be sparse. Apparently, Charlotte and Phillip first tangle in a previous book, and it aids in believing their connection.

I didn't know this when I read the book, but it makes sense. It did seem as though you were supposed to know what had happened between them. Some readers say that if you didn't read the other book, it really took away from Charlotte and Phillip's connection, but I didn't think it was a huge problem. I still bel I waited too long to review this book, so my comments will probably be sparse. I still believed the chemistry between them.

I had two complaints about the book. If you are located outside the U. The distressed traveler Charlotte Cameron encounters on a rainy Scottish night is absolutely the worst man she could have invited into her carriage! It is Phillip Maddox, the reprehensible Duke of Colster, who brought the full weight of the ton's fury down upon her—simply because Charlotte encouraged her sister not to wed the powerful peer. And now the seductive devil responsible for her social ruin is sitting close enough to kiss.

Phillip's distaste for the meddlesome beauty matches Charlotte's—though, under alternate circumstances, he might have enjoyed sampling the sensuous charms of the tempting young chit. There is grave danger, however, on the journey they now must reluctantly share—and a nemesis who means them both mortal harm. But can a passion that inconveniently ignites in the face of disaster erase a painful past. Thanks for signing up! We've emailed you instructions for claiming your free e-book. Tell us more about what you like to read so we can send you the best offers and opportunities.

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In the Bed of a Duke (Cameron Sisters) In the Bed of a Duke (Cameron Sisters)
In the Bed of a Duke (Cameron Sisters) In the Bed of a Duke (Cameron Sisters)
In the Bed of a Duke (Cameron Sisters) In the Bed of a Duke (Cameron Sisters)
In the Bed of a Duke (Cameron Sisters) In the Bed of a Duke (Cameron Sisters)
In the Bed of a Duke (Cameron Sisters) In the Bed of a Duke (Cameron Sisters)
In the Bed of a Duke (Cameron Sisters) In the Bed of a Duke (Cameron Sisters)

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