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With a significant number of aquatic and recreation facilities relying on cogeneration systems for their pool heating and power, Simons Green Energy are assisting clients in getting get the most out of their onsite energy systems by correcting inefficiencies and helping clients renegotiate their gas contracts. Click here for article. For more information please contact Toni on 02 or toni simonsgreenenergy. Thank you for connecting with us.

I wanted to send you a thank you for your patience and tolerance of our journey into steam heating. To put it simply, we just wouldn't be where we are without your help, so thank you again! Simon feels that he needs more energy on a regular basis. Which five B vitamins participate in the release of energy from carbohydrates, fats, and protein?


Given his lack of energy, weakened immune response, facial rash, and irritability, which B vitamin might help Simon the most? Simon is nervous about taking too much supplemental B6 because he read that it can irritate peripheral nerves and cause numbness and tingling in the feet and hands. What are the best food sources of vitamin B6? He's noticed that s A severe deficiency of vitamin C leads to what condition? Many use cases of extension of this hardware can be Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. PremisePremise makes use of crowdsourced observations from a community of users who record and verify information such as market prices and mosquito breeding sites, although economic applications are the strongest use case.

The added value here is increased time and space resolved data points. On competitive landscape, I would not call out Gadyen Dlo specifically, but would just say liquid sodium hypochlorite Such as Water Guard or Gadyen Dlo. Agree about confusion between filtration and disinfection as the method of treatment.

It's a little misleading to have this listed alongside disinfection products. These devices are so helpful for any developing countries who have no way to determine if their water is safe to drink. Hi Please I am impressed with your innovation. I want to buy that machine give me the cost and location where I can get you. In parallel, they will submit a hardware paper to Hardwa Buckle up for fast-tracked science thanks to open-source hardware. Here is a video with some info that hopefully helps Do you have any videos of the process of using the gasifier? I cannot tell from the description in the article how exactly it happens.

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It sounds like you pack the reactor bottom full of carbonaceous material, but do you light that material or some other combustible in the crown upper. How to make a biochar gasifier. Please contact the researchers for more information. Their lab's website is linked in the article.

Thanks for your interest! A solar thermal aerator prototype could improve aquaculture in developing countries. The article was not useful. What was the depth of water, technical design of the aerator etc. One can not make an inform decision on its workability. PVC pipe and chlorine- Cheap and lasting water treatment in Nicaragua Its seems to be really cheap when i read your article.

PVC pipe and chlorine: Cheap and lasting water treatment in Nicaragua. I like this article so much. We girls needs sanitary pads for low cost especially in developing countries ,not only pads we need also some education on menstruation. All the thanks is for SHE which helps Rwandan students to affords sanitary pads easily.

Thanks to the writer and publisher of this ar Sanitary pads for underserved populations — two common approaches. Riley, Wow - your journey is incredibly inspiring! Thanks for sharing what you are learning with such eloquence. John Surrendering control, improving outcomes: Learning an engineering of accompaniment. Thank you for mentioning that just by using a bucket, clay, and sawdust, you can actually filter out dirt and other microbes. My husband and I have been wondering whether we should get our water treated and if so how.

Though your ceramic filter can catch disease-causing microbes easily, we will prob Thankyou For the Article. Dear Henk - thank you so much for your thoughts on how to get the marketing of point of use water treatment right and these excellent resources. Susan Why companies should not sell or give technology intended for individual and household use to NGOs. It is most fantastic and sky is the limit if we can market this knowledge and product specially in Asian Countries.

I am willing to join the group with my 40 years experience in marketing in energy sector. Packable solar picnic grills subsidize sales in underserved communities. I am very much willing to join team to work and make it most successful event.

Sale of a Private Equity-Backed Energy Services Company

Dear Susan Thanks for this interesting article. You say that Companies should not give or sell household technologies to NGOs and many would agree, but what could be the role of NGOs to reach the Bottom billion, the poorest? Why companies should not sell or give technology intended for individual and household use to NGOs. Plants of cleaning dirty water should be mounted in drainage systems and after filtration the filtered water should be left in rivers.

Wastage should be used fully and should be recycled and used. We use our less valuable things first and after that we use our more valuable things. We save our more valuable things. Wastage are lesser valuable and so it is used totally. It is found free and daily. If we use them we will save our val Eine Anleitung auf Englisch findest du hier How to make a sack garden.

I am interested in knowing about a simple water pump which can be used to lift water from a flowing canal without using electricity or diesel to irrigate land near the canal situated at some height from the level of water in canal. I would like to discuss this with u and the ur experts if you are int Ten low-tech ways to irrigate crops. EMAIL - hmsah4u gmail. Humanitarian technology development grants roundup. Iam interested in mordern faming by using illigation and terracing. I will be greatfull for your support and guidance.

It's supper please help me how to get training in aquaponic and supplies of tools required. This will be a very good solution to such a problem. I really appreciate your effort. I belongs to India. I works as a social worker for rural development. I would like to know that how could I get the machine for providing them a low cost Am Polly from Uganda.

I love to conserve by mobilizing and training people living around our national parks in art and craft. As an artist and a service provider in these parks, I have proved that poaching is rampant. How can I help my country. I suggest u to use EN or phosphorus-bronze as a material for shaft.

Hi- Has anyone thought about how asphalt is recycled at a high rate. One one modest sized project we recycled 13,, lbs of asphalt into the pavement of a new structure. The problem we ran into was from some rubberized asphalt. When the mix of recycled asphalt and new aggregate are mixed togethe Roads Paved with Plastic Bottles: Making Use of an Ecological Threat. The Redesign of a Modular Greenhouse in Mozambique. I am nicholas chw I need to write aproposal to our MP to built us an office in an hospital we are atouched to.

I believe they will be available soon. They said they plan to ship the kickstarter units in August and they should be sold publicly after that.

The Barnacle Chronicles: The Search for Dark Matter

Check their site in the links above! There is no single organization that manufactures all of those things, so you will have to contact each manufacturer directly. I suggest googling their sites, or some of them are in our Solutions Library and you can find contact info there. For example, the Ayzh Clean Birth Kit: That sounds like an interesting project and I'd suggest that you contact One Earth Designs directly through their site. Here's a link to their contact page: It's taken to a recycling center. Can we involve women to manufacture these and get some buy back help?

Would you be willing to transfer the technology in India to improve livlihood of rural women? I visited your site by chance. We wish to set up a women technology park in Punjab, India to improve livelihood opportunities for rural women. Whereas women can prepare What happens with the trash that's removed from the oceans? In my free time, I always watch movies. I think its a perfect time to relax and enjoy the day. Never had the chance to watch this. I will add it to my movie to watch checklist.

Thanks for letting us know! Rafea' Documentary - Movie Review. How to make a wooden mold for biosand water filters. I have churned out a few appropriate tech projects especially in the water sector - namely an innovative clean rain harvesting system, and spring development. I came up with these technologies while engaged as a lecturer and has not as yet set up any organisation to implement them on larg Building Materials and Methods: What about leveraging those million with cell phones but not enough sanitation or clean drinking water to do the data backhaul for the sensor nodes?

WIfi, bluetooth, NFC, as well as the cellular radio itself to the sensor and back, even outside of cell coverage, piggybacking the cell phone to ha The Internet of Broken Things. We would like to connect with the team who can help us with "Wildnet Long Distance Wifi". Our state Uttarakhand in India is an hilly terrain and religious visiting terrain. We are looking for a communication solution in rural and hilly areas. Would like to discuss with you over a videocon meeting if How advances in long-distance Wi-Fi can connect rural areas cheaply.

We will be very grateful to partner you in Ghana.


We have read much about you in the appropriate technology magazine and we appreciate your activities to our satisfaction hence the need to work together. You can find them at 4Ocean's site here: The tech is ingenuos. I want to get a rubber mold of a real foot. Is there a good 3-D scanning product that can then be imported into a rubber mold? How to make a 3D-printed mold for rubber prototypes.

I keep listening to the news lecture about getting boundless online grant applications so I have been looking around for the most excellent site to get one. Could you advise me please, where could i get some? Hello Isaac and thank you so much for your kind words. I am not an expert in computerized information systems but you might learn from lessons described here http: How to improve the adoption of innovative technology in developing countries. Hai sir i have an idea that why cant we supply a biogas to the peoples as the normal gas cylinder?

Design for Individual or Community Ownership? What level,of power was produced by the speaker? How a loudspeaker in a cookstove can power appliances and cut pollution. The article and concept is so brilliant. Very much appreciate the the information provided. I will like to use in a different context. Specifically in creating a framework for adopting computerized information systems in developing countries such as Ghana.

Any suggestions on ensuring it's translated I like this idea where it is very helpful for the farmers. I'm not sure if SDI is appropriate as it is for steel decking which is a completely different product with a different function. If possible I would also like to get the design to make them myself?

Nice to know about this device. I am interested to build for my own use in farm. Please can I get more about technical details. This can make a differant to some one whos cluless like me but an example would make it more cleare. Please kep me informed. Inventor of the Hydro-Electric Barrel calls for prototypes. However, the solution can be accessed by any feature phones without advanced level of literacy.

Aiding farmers through text and interactive voice messages. All these are nice and innovative ways to make life easier. But we must consider the environmental problems it'll pose and how to curb them Hey This is a great initiative and a platform for those who want to make a change in the world. You people are working in the betterment of world and people. I also want to contribute to this thing and also participate in various activities.

Your visions are same as mine , So lets come together and Welcome to E4C's Research Fellows of I want to take this, turn the concentrator mirror at the front upside down, and use it to melt metal! Solar Fire's beautiful concentrators: An open source secret. This is totally fucking awesome! I've got a thing up at https: Ideally, I want it to be bot It is really surprising that Dr. Rajvanshi will not show you this invention. It is an open source and all the information is available including the video on the water purifier site.

Ethiopian farmer with an iPhone!

Remember Why You Started: Simon Sinek - AskMen

Hey hai am Santhosh. S , am very much intresred in Aquaponics and am from India. I want to use this method in Native place , So suggest me some of your technics as much as possible.

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  • Just starting out a project in Tanzania. We have two qualified prosthetic technologists. Will be printing and evaluating some of the enable hand designs and comparing results with your report. I would be very interested in what others who are working in Africa have to say. With limited experience, I Muchas gracias por comenzar a publicar en espanol! No dout the vehicle do it every thing like a tractor but actully my question about safety where is operator safety. In my opinion if your engineering made a cabin on it for operator he will also protected from heat and also from sands It just in my mind Tahir The versatile AgRover is like the Swiss Army knife of African farm trucks.

    I want to know the knowledge. I am working myself with drill machine from last 10 years. Have new model for more easier work? One good website in the area of civil engineering is http: Interesting about the microgardening. I'm going to send you an email. Why technology alone will never provide sanitation for the poor. The words we use for our field hint at what we value in our work. Hi Graham, besides the logistical comment I just made I also wanted to address the concern you raised here.

    I think it goes to the heart of a debate and a shift in global aid and development in which charity models are being supplanted by subsidized sales or even straight, capitalistic unsubsidized Hi Graham, thanks for commenting. I noticed that your post had some odd capitalization and I saw another commenter mention that there might be a bug in our commenting fields, so I took the liberty of editing your comment to give it normal capitalization. I assume that's what you intended but of cou Riley -thanks for highlighting this important concept.

    I continue to see Prizes and attention given to technical solutions, and even simple ones building latrines are fraught with challenges. We looked for evidence of success over time and didn't find as much as we'd hoped. I edited your previous comment to take out those capitals. I'll bring it up with IT. Thanks for saying something. I agreed with nearly everything said in this article until I got near to the end where mention is made of "successful businesses. I can only assume selling products to customers with real money! It cannot be for the poor! But there are sanitation techniques that could be introd I would like this course after greeting and thanks how to learn this cour 10 Great Sites for a Free Online Education.

    There's some crazy random capitalization of words. I'm not against vertical gardens. I'm not against any technology, but I think it has to fit in context, and even better if it has a hand in improving social equality. I did my dissertation research on urban farming in Senegal and one of the things that the government was doing was supporting microga Thanks for sharing stephanie I enjoyed your extension of these same ideas into your field Thanks for sharing this.

    You make an interesting comparison with food systems. Does that mean that you're not a fan of concepts like vertical gardens for improving urban diets? I enjoyed your article and reblogged it, with a few of my own observations. Per your guidance in the comments, I've cited you on that Page, and am leaving the link here, as well. You can become a member by signing up at this link it's free: How do I join My name is Mustafa Mune from Ethiopia.

    I wanna to be trained on Civil engineering courses. The thought came from experience really, as an engineer who has worked in a number of very varied locations and countries over the years the logistics of undertaking remote repairs can be a problem, often its not physically possible to carry everything that is required and power supply is s I had written about this technology IOT in my website http: We haven't actually attached a generator to it, but there is no reason you couldn't.

    It is a very simple attachment method so if you have a generator with a v-belt pulley, you can run it off of the engine. Excellent site you have got here.. It's hard to find excellent writing like yours these days. I seriously appreciate individuals like you! Great concept Rob, I am a great believer in keeping it simple.

    Can you attach generators for welding and power to the PTO? Hi Riley, I have done translating and will put it up after I write down some of my thoughts related to your topic but about agriculture. I have a note for you: He once said, "If Yes, please include author credit and a link back to the original publication in your blog.

    And please post a link here to your translated version! Thanks for writing this! I really enjoy it. May I translate it into Chinese and put it on my blog? We are happy that you find it useful! Energy solar panels plant. How to define a strategy focused on user needs and impact. Information is very valuable. A Growing Crisis and Its Solutions. Is there a way we can get involved? We have just brought machinery into Kenya after completing a project in India making sanitary pads out of water hyacinth an invasive species and other agricultur Do you have internship programs for postgraduate students?

    Welcome to E4C's Fellows. Bridging the Data Divide to Connect the Unconnected. These and many other inventions can change the world. If even a fraction were used , it could greatly improve our world. What if you scaled bACK? Excellent innovative idea A solar thermal aerator prototype could improve aquaculture in developing countries. US EPA doesn't actually "approve" products like this. They can be tested against a guide standard protocol link to document here: The statement "Water is produced to WHO guidelines" is a tough claim to make.

    WHO drinking water guidelines are MANY and this treatment system has surely not been tested for meeting every drinking water guideline for every parameter which would also depend on influent water quality. I think what t One says "N" and one says "No. Living Water Treatment Systems. A container doesn't really directly improve access to cle Although, there is usually not a comparison of different types of safe water storage containers. This paper reports on safe storage reducing diarrhea, although it wasn't this type of container: It should go here: I would remove the last sentence, but change the first paragraph as follows: These are produced in-country," - is this supposed to mean that they are available for purchase as replacements in those countries?

    Solar Milling Small-Scale System. Hi rob, This sounds interesting. Hi can you send the link to where the ppt can be saved from? Professional Water Well Drilling in Africa: How to made Home equpments semply What would hackerspaces for engineers look like in Africa? Is there a way to make this work with smartphones and such. My battery states that power source is unstable. Hi, i want to write proposal of building community hall to the investor. Can u please assist me with how to write it, Coz i really want to impress investors How to write a proposal for development work in your community.

    Packed particle bed filters: A simple solution for pure water. Where are you trialling these in Tanzania please? Chameleon Soil Moisture Sensor. Pumping performance curves are very useful, and are a good example of the kind of performance curves necessary to better evaluate other systems. Dispensers for Safe Water. Again, I would clearly specify when specifications like Maximum Flow Rate are for the pump itself or for the system. Double check "Required Pressure". Also, I'm not entirely sure what "Required Pressure" refers to. It's unclear which configuration these performance parameters are for: Essential to clarify is what pumpset goes with which configuration, and to list the specifications of the pumps and other components i.

    Hi Stephanie, Thanks for the conversation! This safe storage container has an integrated tap, handle for carrying, and is thesame typical size as most jerry cans used for drinking water in sub-SaharanAfrica. It is also manufactured in several countries, which supports localeconomies and keeps shipping costs lower. While the small opening isa What is the primary mechanism - filtration or disinfection? Is this the difference between market price and NGO price as discussed in the comments for Lifesaver Jerrycan? Wouldn't the energy requirement be "human power"? Add the note about solar operational requirements to achieve the stipulated feedstock rates Note: Target region is Sub-saharan Africa?

    Or is there a "global" data option? Include linked text to the CTI fact sheet after the list of feedstock types. In addition to the English link, provide a link to the French version of the manual: Upgrading electronics with paper cards smooths the work to digitize medical records in rural Uganda.

    I will try tomorrow. Only thing I wonder For practical purposes - mine. For those who don't spend much time at grocery or drug stores, vegetable oil and acetone are available at many, cer There is a reason why society has changed so much in the last 60 years in most of the western world and that was an abundance of cheap energy and resources, quite a lot of this done on the back of third world citizens.

    Sunblazer Solar Trailers could electrify 7 million homes by However though these islands are entrepreneurial "hothouses", their economies are largely based on trade. I am not sure how well these models would translate Perhaps the most dynamic, innovatory systems involved trade between competing city states - Hellenistic city states, The Italian renaissance cities or between superpowers. Communities are poor to the extent they refuse agency, the outcome of oppression. I have seen in Africa and southeast asia the so-called benefits of Chinese investment. I am interested to learn and take this technology to our country thRough government or private sector.

    Or you may send me your contact information, i will call you or contact through email. New open-source tools analyze sites for small hydropower generators. Also I think the best online computer science tutor is https: Engineering for Global Development: I want to learn about mechanical and automobile. How to prototype and test your design. I training for automobile future in job for out of country 10 Great Sites for a Free Online Education. Ten technologies for rural water supplies. I had no idea that 3D printing had anything to do with prototyping.

    I also had no idea that there was such a thing as a 3D scanner and that it is important in prototyping. I've also heard that buying prototyping systems online is where you can find the best deals, I'll have to look more into it. Tips and tools for rapid prototyping. Hello, I'm interesting on a decoricator machine that can produce one ton of sisal fibre per day. Imagining a World Without Cars.

    It is wonderful service in rural area with low cost and good service for weker section A home-grown bike business rolls out emergency health care in Uganda. Live in the western hemisphere. We have favor in that area and i am looking to teach the local people in the community to build thier own homes. Five Questions with Jim Hallock. I wonder why they did not make the pillars, in front of the house, with the same blocks. I am working as a marketing head but planning to do PHD from good and reputed university. Every bit of universe is a set of system that has been already design with its own distinct characteristics and our duty is to utilised it Practical steps to place people at the center of your research.

    How long do the panels cure before they can be lifted into place? In our application they would have to be cast at the worksite where there is very limited flat space to cast more than one or maybe two at a time. Sounds like there might be more money in recycling these days? Recycling on Tricycles in Lagos: Five Questions with Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola. I live in a poor rural community in Southern California. We Had many people collecting scrap for recycling. First they used old shopping carts, then small carts pulled by bycicles.

    Now I see people using trikes with small gas engines cruising the area with nice little trailers.

    Simon Lerans About Energy Simon Lerans About Energy
    Simon Lerans About Energy Simon Lerans About Energy
    Simon Lerans About Energy Simon Lerans About Energy
    Simon Lerans About Energy Simon Lerans About Energy
    Simon Lerans About Energy Simon Lerans About Energy
    Simon Lerans About Energy Simon Lerans About Energy
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