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What can I do to prevent this in the future?

Are you a cinephile — a person who loves watching movies? Or do you simply enjoy the social aspect of gathering friends and family together to laugh, cry and marvel at your favorite flicks? Private home cinemas provide the perfect environment for appreciating the very best that film production and sound has to offer — from the classics to modern movies and TV shows. Home theaters expertly designed by Texadia Systems are dedicated spaces for reproducing a first-class movie-watching experience through stunning HD visual quality, crystal clear audio, and smart home integration.

Invite some friends over or have movie date night, grab your favorite snack and beverage from the kitchen, and enjoy the ultimate personal cinema experience! Our high-end residential AV services ensure all your home cinema system installation needs are met, including:. Creating a dedicated home cinema room from scratch, or retrofitting an existing room in your home or basement for optimal movie viewing, is a daunting task. Just like a film director must oversee actors, crew and shooting scenes, so also must a professional home cinema installer coordinate with customers and manufactures to deliver the best results.

State-of-the-art home movie theaters delivered by Texadia Systems feature the latest in Smart Home audiovisual technology, including:. Commercial AV Solutions for Businesses. Our staff has a combined years of experience in the AV industry, and we specialize in custom private cinema system installation for high-end residential projects. Our expert home theater installers are deeply knowledgeable regarding all available residential AV technologies, and can help find you a custom setup based on your individual needs and wants.

Unlike some home theater companies we provide the latest smart home technology and ideas, we will show up on time, listen to your priorities, and quickly give you an accurate estimate on cost and completion time. Turn your dreams into reality with custom home cinema design, installation and setup from Texadia Systems Are you a cinephile — a person who loves watching movies? Our high-end residential AV services ensure all your home cinema system installation needs are met, including: Acoustic wall treatments Automated window covers One-touch lighting controls State-of-the-art media room equipment Training on how to use your new home theater system Smart home systems.

Once you do this process enough times, word will hopefully spread. Have some business cards to hand out to your customers to share with friends and family. After a few jobs, you can probably start keeping a small inventory at home. My current business venture is funding on Kickstarter right now I can send the link if anyone is interested in taking a look.

Kickstarter is a good place to get some seed money if you can come up with a way to reward your contributors. It depends on how much time you're willing to put into it. As far as taxes go, keep track of EVERY transaction involving money including ordering parts, taxes on those parts, shipping on parts, miles traveled for business, hours spent on a job, give receipts and keep copies. Then for the first year at least, talk to a tax professional and have them help you figure out how much tax you end up paying.

If you decide to keep your primary job, you can ask for MORE taxes to be withheld so you don't end up owing the gov't money. Thank you, there was some real helpful advice in there. As soon as I think of a name I'll order some business cards. I do all manner of AV installs from projection systems with sound to recording studios and minor hookups as needed. The 2 big things I run into is not having a hi voltage and low voltage license. Now I do have a permit to work on low voltage until i have enough hours to apply for the full license but until then I do have two certified people that can double check my work and sign off on it.

Now why is that important you ask? Anytime you make changes or do anything that involves work with anything powered you are on the hook for it if it burns down someone's house. Now most people will say that will never happen but it is nice to know that you can be assured that you know what you are doing by having the training and license that is needed.

The next thing you want to think about is the Worst Case scenario stuff and how you are going to resolve those things.

Custom Home Theaters

Do you have a contract that you have people sign that keeps the risk from you if you have to cut a hole in the wall or if you damage their AV gear. I have a checklist that I go through with people before I do anything for them when I do stuff on my own time.

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Does all your gear work? Can the gear you have do what you want to do? Do you have all the things needed for me to do the job? If not do you want me to buy what is needed for the project? How much do you want to spend on gear? How much do you want to spend on me doing the work? Partial payment up front or at the end? If they want to be cheap. How long do you want to wait to find stuff on sale so we can do the install?

Private Cinema Systems – Media Design – Theater Room Setup – AV Equipment

When do you want the project to be done and me out of your place? Start out with some of these or all of these questions before you start with someone. I like to do a block diagram with them so they can see how it is all hooked up and to see if they have all the parts needed on hand or what they need to buy. I don't charge for this but it will help the client to wrap their heads around it and and if they are annoying me I just leave it with them so they can do the job so I don't have to deal with them.

Some people will make your life hell when you do a setup for them. Most people still believe the customer is always right. Thats your call but just make sure you get a feel for the people you are going to do work for and make sure you CAN work with them and not get screwed over.

You can always walk away from a job and sometimes you should.

How to Start a Home Theater Installation Business

Thanks, lawsuits do seem to be more popular than home theaters so I'll make sure to write up a nice contract to use. I had also though about doing something like the block diagram, I want to be able to leave my clients with a laminated sheet or two that explains their full setup and has my company name and contact info on it of course. If I may add one question here.

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  6. I myself was thinking about opening such a business in Germany since there is basically no big company for this kind of service here. Am I right by saying this is a "booming" market in the US atm and basically everyone over there who can afford this will put a home cinema in his house?

    Starting an AV installation company, any ideas for . . . . - Ars Technica OpenForum

    I don't know if it is quite booming, but it is close. The headphone market has really started using sound quality in advertising much more commonly now Beats! It's booming in a sense that everyone who gets a "big screen" normally gets some sort of audio system with it.

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    Howver, most of the time that is a cheap HTiB or soundbar. Very few people are spending thousands on audio and outside of some of these forums only the super wealthy are building dedicated theaters. I plan on building a dedicated room, since it is a hobby and I like it. But I also keep fish and people look at me like I am nuts because I plan on building a 10 foot gallon tank.

    I don't think either of these things are very common, even if both hobbies have active presences on the Internet.

    Getting Started

    This isn't quite accurate. While it is true that the super wealthy are usually the only ones putting in dedicated theater rooms. We have been doing quite a few retro fits in to middle class houses. It seems like the middle class dose it more to piss on their neighbors then anything. We have had quite a few calls of next door neighbors wanting to one up the install we just did. You literally need to be a pro in every avenue of it if you want to start your own business. You're also going to need to be familiar with rudimentary level accounting and tax laws. It is an unregulated field so you do not need any official training.

    But you should be able to answer any question a potential client would have anything from acoustics to wiring to TV choice. The most important thing for you is this question: How are you going to acquire clients? Home theater installation is a very small, niche business. How are you going to compete with that and how are you going to take away from their market share and make it your own? My advice is as follows: Don't quit your day job. Start out as a hobby. Get your name out there. Put up a website with your services and make damn sure you have the technical knowledge actually do home installs or else you will come off as a phony.

    The idea is to, over time, slowly get more clients to the point where you can spend more of your time doing installations and less time at your day job. I have hands-on experience in all the necessary areas, including construction and drywall, as well as the scientific knowledge to answer any questions without sounding like a phony.

    I have a brother-in-law who wants a 5. I'll be sure to document the setups so I can use them in my portfolio. I definitely plan to start off as a hobby. Setting up a website is a great idea and would help with the transition to professional, I didn't think too much about it before, but having that up as soon as possible in case anyone wants to look would be good.

    I don't have much of a plan for how to build my client base yet. I'm thinking at first it will be mostly word of mouth. All of the companies that provide similar services in the area look intimidating expensive and complicated examples and pictures on their websites , so I think if I go for budget friendly and super simple I could take away some potential clients from them and get a whole new set of clients who would have ended up doing nothing or doing it themselves.

    I'm only 26 now so I could handle a couple more years of building up this business while working my day job before I fully switch over. I'll look into those brand "certified installer" programs, I fell like they may have other contractual agreements that I wouldn't like, but looking cant hurt; I want to be able to offer as many different products as possible.

    There are a few neighborhods within a 45 minute drive that could definitely afford some nice dedicated home theaters. There are also a lot of older houses being remodeled in my own neighborhood and in many others in the area, so there should be a good market. I plan to start off doing lower budget non-dedicated theater setups, though I definitely wouldn't turn down the opportunity for an extravagant dedicated theater.

    One thing you may find very hard to get is actual high end gear. Many of the major product manufacturers have exclusive contracts with their dealers that grant them a territory. So, if there is already an authorized Paradigm or Klispch dealer in your area, you are not going to be able to get those products to sell, so you are going to need to find a company looking for a presence in your area, that doesn't already have one. Now, you could get into just installs, but again, many of these same dealers also have install businesses, so you have to some how convince people who are buying gear from one place, to let you install.

    Might be a tough sell. Also, how much do you know about accoustics and sound control. Do you have construction abilities to be able to do this? I was curious how buying equipment as a "business" instead of a "individual" would differ, but I don't want to open a brick and mortar store to just sell speakers, I won't win against the internet in addition to any local dealers.

    Possibly in the future I could have a showroom of some kind, but that would be a bonus if the business does really well. I want to be more of a consultant and installer, not a retailer. I think if I target young professionals and Navy personnel I will be able to get a lot of clients; all the current businesses in the area look like they are all about high-end and nothing else, if I present my business as more budget friendly and simple it will be less intimidating than the current businesses I have found. I'll advertise myself as "sound quality installer" rather than "expensive Wharfdale installer", but if someones wants some Wharfdales I'll gladly assist them.

    I have a solid understanding of acoustics and know enough about sound control to fix any significant problems with a room. I can tear down or build a wall and make it look like it was always that way; I can build almost anything out of 2x4's; I can use every tool, even the ones I haven't used yet; I can sew; I once made a fully automated pill dispenser that could pick a single pill from any of 8 pill bottles, drop it onto an inspection table for picture verification correct pill?

    Buddy up with an electrician and if someone wants custom lighting bring them and their insurance in to do the work. I suggest you call some installers in your area posing as a customer and ask for some free estimates on a faux job that you know the actual hour cost to install. If it is a simple 1-day plop down 5.

    They are overcharging and you get an idea of what you will be competing against. Don't do it to make money do it because you love doing it. There are too many out there that don't give a damn about the work just the paycheck and the next one or hire out jobbers to do all the grunt work. I make money now, but I don't love it. I enjoy physical labor and plan to personally work on every single job; If my business ever gets so large that I can't, I'll at least inspect every site, but that is a problem I'd be glad to have. I'm not trying to be too much of an ass here, but it doesn't sound like you're all that dedicated at this point.

    These are some very basic questions regarding starting a business that should be answered before asking for help in my opinion.

    Home theater professional installation company in Frisco, TX

    I would get a working business model going, decide what you want out of the business, get it all on paper, and get it legit start here. Also, you'll need insurance. Second, you need to get more knowledge on the installation process, actual product lines you'll be installing, and what it takes to close it out with a satisfied customer. It's not as easy as it may seem.

    Home Theater Installation Business Home Theater Installation Business
    Home Theater Installation Business Home Theater Installation Business
    Home Theater Installation Business Home Theater Installation Business
    Home Theater Installation Business Home Theater Installation Business
    Home Theater Installation Business Home Theater Installation Business
    Home Theater Installation Business Home Theater Installation Business
    Home Theater Installation Business Home Theater Installation Business

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