Educating, Not Babysitting!

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I'll tell you what the problem is. Its run as a business now, not for the right purpose which should be to educate! There are lots of ways to make cuts.

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I would start with Dr. Creel and all of her assitants Then I would take away Darby's smart phone that he does not know how to use and spends all of his time on instead of paying attention at meetings Amen,Darby is probably on the phone asking creel for permission to breath. I know there are those who will bury their heads in the sand while the culture of fear and intimidation the superintendent has brought continues to permeate the school district. Hopefully there are also those who will stand vigilant.

It seems no one on the BOE has the courage to stand up to her and suffer her wrath her tantrums are legendary. She rules her "empire" with an iron fist and will not tolerate opposing views. She micro-manages to the point that under her "leadership" no one can make a decision on their own. Why are we paying people in the District office who have been made so impotent by Creel they can't take a breath without her giving permission? Our BOE gets to get a backbone and stop cowering before Creel. The most demanding job in a school district is a high school principalship.

Due to numerous meetings, its essential to stay connected to the school thru your phone when you're not in the building. How do you know he's not paying attention? Sounds to me like he's multi tasking or even taking notes of the meeting, after all, it is a smart phone! Buffington, Did you take some time to research the Lawful requirement of busing students to school before writing this article? And under what Law are you basing your point to charge Parents for bus service? How would you apply such a fee to people who cannot afford to pay this? I think the first thing that should be looked at is the requirement for State funds provided for transportation of students to be completely separate of educational operating costs.

Have you compared what the State provided compared to the Busing service expenses? Don't you think that would be the proper way forward? I agree that school system does take a parental view on topics as well, but that is because a lot of parents don't care about anything their kids learn and the school system is trying to cover for their stupidity or lack of parental control.

But when you have kids raising kids what do you expect.

Childcare workers' strike: 'We educate these children, we're not babysitting'

Usually Mike and I clash about Education, but in this instance, I mostly agree with him. Mike, you are starting to see the problem with the "performance" aspect of public schools. When you have an environment at home that does not encourage learning because as you alluded to, learning is not the goal, babysitting is, than you have kids who are not encouraged to learn. They carry the same attitudes as their parents. And it carries with them all the way to high school, hence a lot of the poor math scores.

Just my theory, anyway. I honestly don't understand what the griping about having kids within a couple miles of the school walk is about anyway. I encourage anyone to go out on Haymon Morris road and the surrounding roads in the afternoon and morning and look at what they see. They see a bunch of people lined up to get their kids. You can't tell me those people standing around are working and thus, can't start some sort of carpooling.

Give me a break. By the way, I think that argument that it is the legal responsibility to bus kids to school is a croc of! I have never seen a school taken to court for that reason. But hey, I could be wrong, maybe there is some outdated law about that. I wouldn't put it past the state of Georgia, or the continually over-extending federal government. Good article though, Mike. Of course he didn't look at anything. It's just more of his right wing, I hate public schools, public school teachers, public school bus system, etc.

More of the same. Never one thought on how some people do not have money falling out of the sky into their pocket.

Babysitting: The Basics

Families where both parents work every day often seven days a week to make ends meet. Let poor old people die in droves. Gas will continue to go up and your bus service ill continue to cost more Electing the socialist or communist Attitudes like yours reek with wealth envy. Somebody take away your cookie when you were a kid. Is that why you are so bitter You probably don't work, but sit at home all day and get high. Did you quit your job to protest in the "Occutard rallies"? Can you not take your kid to school because you are stoned?

I bet you are tatooed up and are under 25 years old with multiple kids. Yes, the government owes you. Please raise my taxes to send people like you to South America permanently. Up until this year I cant remember any problems with the bus situation. I will admit I was a bit concerned the first day when my elementary student didnt get home for an hour and a half. In the past the school has provided after school care for a fee.

I believe that money goes to the school and the teachers working afterwards. This year by switching the start times, the students who can not stay by themselves PreK-5th will either have their parents make arrangements for before care with a neighbor, relative, or maybe adjust their work schedule. If someone offered my kids a private school voucher or scholarship I would snatch it up in a New York minute. Switch the times back to the way they were last year and extend the day as needed to meet your prescious day calendar. The issue is safety. At Appalachee there are over kids driving to school each morning under 18 years of age.

There are no sidewalks or crosswalks in the area. Over 70 vehicle accidents occurred last year within the PRZ according to the Barrow county sheriffs office. I take exception to the statement "So why not charge parents who demand bussing service a fee to cover the costs? Actually, all of us already pay a fee for this service. Look at your tax bill. We pay for schools and transportation. We pay roughly the same amounts every year for these services, however, the county can vary the quality of these services at will, every year, without consulting the people footing the bill.

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I paid roughly the same amount of tax I paid in previous years this last time around, but, for the first time in my child's school carreer, she's not being picked up by the school bus at our front door - the same school bus that's picked her up for the last 8 years. So, I get up earlier and I drive my daughter up to the top of the subdivision to wait for the bus every morning. It's a minor inconvenience.

However, I did pay for the service.

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If I could somehow deduct the school bus transporatation portion from my taxes, I would drive her to school myself. But, if I'm going to be charged for it every year, I expect the services I've paid for to be available to me and I expect a certain level of continuity to those services every year. Let's face it - the county did a sneaky bait-and-switch to the parents of Barrow County students this year. Most of us were unaware of the change until school open house this year. They knew there would be backlash, they just wanted that backlash to occur after the point of no return.

If you can't walk to a park or play in a yard, ask parents about other options in the neighborhood. Urban areas may have skating rinks, libraries, or community centers within walking distance — just be sure to ask parents if it's OK to take the kids there. If outdoors doesn't work out, get creative indoors. Dancing with the kids is great exercise, too. TVs and computers have become the go-to entertainment for many kids these days, but that's not always a good thing.

Many parents have set time limits on electronics. Find out what the house rules are. Speaking of rules, it's tempting to be the "cool" babysitter who lets kids get away with things parents never allow.

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  6. But you can't be a child's friend all the time. Know when to say no and when it's OK to let something small go — like letting kids stay up 15 minutes past bedtime on occasion. Kids will challenge you. Pushing boundaries to see how much they can get away with is a normal way kids learn and figure out where they stand.

    But even though kids try to fight rules, they actually need and thrive best on structure and limits. So check in with parents to find out what the rules are, then follow them — even if you don't agree with them! Not only will this help keep things consistent for the kids, you'll gain their respect and trust. The best babysitters think of the job as a responsibility first, with having fun or earning money second. Few things are as rewarding as knowing you've earned a child's trust and affection.

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    Educating, Not Babysitting! Educating, Not Babysitting!
    Educating, Not Babysitting! Educating, Not Babysitting!
    Educating, Not Babysitting! Educating, Not Babysitting!
    Educating, Not Babysitting! Educating, Not Babysitting!
    Educating, Not Babysitting! Educating, Not Babysitting!

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