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Top 5 Charter Elementary Schools

The neighborhood has its share of trendy, luxury apartments as well as more reasonably priced studios and 1-bedroom places. Located at the north end of the neighborhood, both Jewel Foods and the European influenced Treasure Island Foods are right around the corner for all of your grocery shopping. If you have a car, sell it now!

Layouts feature floor-to-ceiling bay windows with spectacular lake and city views and building amenities include a fitness center, dry cleaners, and outdoor pool with sundeck. Spacious floor plans from studio, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom apartments featuring private balconies, hardwood floors, and updated kitchens and baths. Laundry facilities and a fitness center are on-site. If you work in downtown Chicago, nothing could be more convenient. Sure you can hop the CTA Redline at Grand Avenue, but you could just as easily walk to just about anywhere downtown from here.

Add to that the fact that Whole Foods is around the corner and Jewel Foods just a couple blocks away for all of your grocery shopping.

List of schools in Chicago Public Schools

Affordably-priced studio apartments feature hardwood floors throughout as well as newly remodeled kitchens and baths. Steps to Michigan Avenue yet tucked away from the crowds, this modern, up-to-date unit at Delaware Place — 33 West Delaware Place 8D — features stainless steel appliances, floor-to-ceiling windows and a balcony overlooking Washington Square Park and Newberry Library.

Building amenities include a hour door person as well as a fitness center, a sundeck, a business center, and a laundry room. Expect everything from 10 foot ceilings, gorgeous views of Lake Michigan, spa-like baths, and world-class amenities. And a price tag to match, naturally: Following extensive research, our friends at PropertyShark found that owners of condos in Trump buildings in Manhattan see their properties appreciate by a rate of 8. Meanwhile, the appreciation rate for all other Manhattan condos is 7. That small difference in favor of Trump-branded buildings might get you some serious ROI in the long term.

I would like to see more bike lanes, a UBI for the lowest income residents, and more opportunities for public discourse. Otherwise, I would highly recommend this city as a wonderful place to raise a family and a good place for folks who want a quieter vibe than the city but easy access to downtown the purple line is great! It's pretty safe, pretty diverse. It's safe to say that it's mostly a privileged area.

I didn't realize how special Wilmette is until I started looking for a warmer version of it elsewhere. In East Wilmette you can walk to town, the lake, and see neighbors out all times of the day every day.

Printers Row

True sense of community. The high school is tough. It's a hard place for an average student to feel good about themselves or give them a reason to strive to do better. Wilmette still feels urban but has the advantages of the suburbs, like a great school system. We also have a "downtown" which is not so easy to find in a suburb, but is a must for us. Northbrook is a wonderful and very safe community that is perfect for families.

The schools in Northbrook are exceptional and prepare students for success in their future endeavors. There are many wonderful job opportunities in this community and the real estate market is always booming. Northbrook is very family friendly and everyone in the community is very supportive of one another and the community is always giving back in some way. Commuting is nice because there is not much traffic and everything is close in proximity.

Northbrook is also roughly 30 minutes away from the city of Chicago, making it easy to commute for work. Family friendly with great amenities and big city quality events. Park district is great - ice arena, play fields, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, par 3 and 18 hole golf course are in one area across the street from the middle schools. Better restaurants are taking hold, more development coming in.

First music festival was a great hit this summer. Nielson Challenger tennis tournament is high quality event. I feel very safe. There have been a few burglaries in last year, but that's pretty much it.

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Police drive around the neighborhoods very often. I don't have any immediate concerns. Safe, preety and great to raise a family. The Best schools in country! I am a current resident of Lisle and believe that the Lisle community is excellent overall. I have an infant son so finding a safe neighborhood was top priority for my husband and I and I have to say it is very safe here. The living expenses are affordable, the commute to major highways are fast, and the pubic schools are very good.

I have to say one negative factor is the nightlife is very limited in Lisle. The downtown area is small and not very lively even on the weekends. This has been a disappointment because I am a singer and there are not any open jam nights at nearby restaurants or bars. We brought our family to this town for the schools, and beautiful neighborhoods! Highly recommend our neighborhood, Hidden Lakes. Commuting to downtown Chicago is a challenge with traffic, but always a pleasing drive home knowing you'll be welcomed by your community.

It's a very quiet little town, on the cusp of our larger neighboring towns. It has a cute town center with great food and a beautiful park. Libertyville is a safe area to live in. We have found Glen Ellyn to be a welcoming, tight knit community with a great sense of local pride. Perfect place to raise a family. They're flexible with their timing and willing to accommodate with my schedule The clubs are good all around and suitable for many different personalities from debate club for the hardworking, ambitious kind to ultimate frisbee club for the chill, athletic kids.

Everyone looks out for one another and the students are encouraged to be friendly as to follow the WIldcat Way. Overall, my years at LHS were amazing. There will always be a part of me connected to the school. Once a wildcat always a wildcat. I cried when I got into Lane Tech because I knew about its reputation and it would look great on my college applications and resumes.

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There are numerous Advanced Placement classes and some offer double periods and dual credit many Illinois schools do not offer. I have taken cool electives such as AP Psychology, astronomy, neuroscience, zoology, Studio Drawing and Painting, and more. I've met awesome teachers and lifelong friends.

A few things I would love to see change are the options for the vending machine, new toilet seats and mirrors for the girl restrooms, and for Lane to bring back Early Dismissal Wednesdays! Despite all that and after 4 long although it feels short years, I can proudly say I am graduating from Albert G. Lane Technical College Prep.

I loved my time at Glenbrook South High School. This school is dedicated to making everyone feel welcome and helping them find their place. From the first day of freshman orientation, you are told over and over again that joining clubs and other school-wide activities is the thing to do! The academics are fantastic and prepare any student for the next step after high school. The spirit and pride of being a Titan is an exciting part as well!

List of schools in Chicago Public Schools - Wikipedia

The home games and sprit weeks are some of the most fun I had in high school. GBS's support of the arts is something to admire as well. From advertising musicals and talent shows to school-wide previews for both of these events. In my opinion, there is no better high school in the Northshore. The BFC is unique to Neuqua because of it's large and distinct population. The purpose of the BFC is to make a large school small. It is very good at accomplishing that goal. There is some classes at the Main building for freshman, and there is also some classes at the BFC for upperclassmen.

There is a shuttle that links both buildings. They both help with time management because they take up a lot of time and you need to schedule your time to do it well. If you are a Muslim, it doesn't matter if you are Shia or Sunni or you go to a different mosque or masjid or if you wear a hijab or not, still attend. I go to a different mosque than everyone else. I would say to join as many clubs as possible.

But not too many! Overall my whole high school experience with Central, things went by very quick. I made a lot of friends and met a lot of great people, including teachers. The academics were very challenging at times but being at central has gotten me very well prepared for the future. My college path and my future career path. You have many opportunities at central. One thing I would love to see change is the diversity. Out of the 3, students that go to the school are majority white. Other than the changes. Parents are really involved and sports and other activities welcome everyone.

The school as a whole has earned 5 stars in my book. I could not possibly feel more blessed to have attended Glenbrook North for 3 going on 4 years. Glenbrook North is immersed in an inclusive, loving, and thriving community.

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Within the walls of Glenbrook North lies at atmosphere that can not be found anywhere else. Each day I wake up excited, knowing that I will be spending my day with friends, teachers who care about me, and enthusiastic peers. I build my relationships through class work, projects, electives, or even gym classes.


GBN cares about their students' health. I take gym each semester for ninety minutes every other day, as well as fitness tests four times each semester. The faculty truly care about their students achieving their highest potential in their best health. I wish that every student could have a high school experience like the one provided by GBN, and I am tremendously blessed! Being a student at Naperville North for the past four years has been overall a pleasant experience. I've made many friends, fit in pretty well into the curriculum and never found that the school required me to do something I was incapable of doing.

Overall, most of the teachers are very good, observant and qualified, always ready to hear a student out and accommodate in case any issues come up. There are a couple nitpicks about certain staff members and administrative issues, but they do not detract from my general school experience. I'm proud to be a Husky! The majority of teachers at Metea Valley really do care about students. While I was a student at this high school, the teachers I've had were respectable and would cater to the varying learning preferences of students: During my time at this newly built school, I was consistently impressed with how well it is kept up by the janitors; the school is always clean and the environment is conducive to learning.

Personally, I was heavily involved in the music department and I cannot thank my instructors enough for their skill and dedication to each student.

Schools In-Chicago North Side City Schools In-Chicago North Side City
Schools In-Chicago North Side City Schools In-Chicago North Side City
Schools In-Chicago North Side City Schools In-Chicago North Side City
Schools In-Chicago North Side City Schools In-Chicago North Side City
Schools In-Chicago North Side City Schools In-Chicago North Side City
Schools In-Chicago North Side City Schools In-Chicago North Side City
Schools In-Chicago North Side City Schools In-Chicago North Side City
Schools In-Chicago North Side City Schools In-Chicago North Side City

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