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I'm absolutely in love with Rider. I can see it in your eyes. May 27, Natalie Monroe rated it it was ok Shelves: Maybe because it wasn't just a moment but more of a combination of hundreds, even thousands of them. Do I really want to do this? I thought, tousling my hair sexily because I am a bookworm and bookworms are secretly hot as fuck once they ditch 2. I thought, tousling my hair sexily because I am a bookworm and bookworms are secretly hot as fuck once they ditch their glasses.

Do I really want to bash a book that, in all honesty, appeals to my values? A part of me I'd dubbed Cynical Natalie and seemed to grow with each negative review I wrote. Soon, she'd overwhelm me like Mr. Hyde and I'd be nothing more than a tiny corner of light in my own mind, screaming for help, as she posted gif after gif of Taylor Swift rolling her eyes.

I don't want to be that girl. Mallory wasn't that bad. She was different from JLA's usual heroine: She had a mental speech impediment and she conquered it all by herself. And the rant on mansplaining and a little speech on why the First Amendment isn't a free pass for spewing crap was pretty nice. I stared out the window. Pink tinged the sky in a very metaphorical way.

But I do feel like punching her. I sympathize with her, but I also want to punch her. Hm, this is a conundrum. What do you think? I asked Cynical Natalie. Well, that makes no sense. Biting down on my lower lip, I read over the notes I'd made. Like that other JLA book I reviewed. I flexed my fingers and began to type: Take a shot whenever Rider's fucking grin and dimples are mentioned. When he lowers his lashes. When his hotness is mentioned: When you see ellipses. It was soft and deep and infinite. Twenty shots when this line shows because I didn't pay for an E.

I realized I was grinning and my hands recoiled from the keyboard like a hot stove or a snotty tissue.

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What was I doing? I said I wouldn't bash this book! Yet here it was, my seething, ink-black hatred, oozing all over the screen.

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My finger stalled above the button, quivering. Then again, none of what I said was untruthful. I did not like The Problem of Forever. I shouldn't pretend like I did. And I spent an hour on this when I should be doing real writing. Sighing, I pressed "Save" and watched my bubbling, spitting mess of poisonous thoughts get turned into zeroes and ones and be forever immortalized on the Internet.

I pulled up my blank Word document again and looked at it. Eh, I'll do it later. I clicked season 3 of Breaking Bad. I apologize for this review, guys. View all 24 comments. Those who want to find their voice. Armentrout was one of my fav authors. I've read almost every book of her. But yet this book was.. If you have read the reviews of this book, you must've noticed everyone saying that this book is not our usual fun and quirky JLA read.

Well I agree with them, this book really was an exception but not a good one. At least not for me, though I must say JLA you nailed it with this beautiful cover, unlike anyone of your BEST novels but with a average cover, this was really a exception. Well, I really really don't want to bash this book, though my inner devil is literally glaring at me and saying " Do it, Poppy Do it!! I must say I really appreciate the struggle that you had to make it more philosophical read, but oh my, Sorry to say I didn't even understand half of the time whatever you were trying to say.

There were so many things off with this book. There was no feels. Every single of side character was my fav one, they literally made me read this book till the end. Even i cried for a side character, if you have read this book you would know what i am talking about. The more the book was going towards its ending the more i thought; Man where the hell is plot???

Well Shit Mallory its just a problem. Its not like i don't sympathize with her, i do. What she faced in her childhood was bad but this doesn't describe what you are now. Like in one half they were dealing with the Ghosts of the foster home duh i mean "mr. Not it doesn't end on that, there's more.. We've to end this.. Mallory I am leaving you, you deserve better than me. At the end, you guys MUST be thinking why giving it a 2 stars, when should give it 1 star, well because of the story, Not characters, not the drama, not the snob dailouges, not the fake angst, not E.

Just because of story and the message that "Everyone should find their voice, nothing remains Forever. Forever wasn't pain and grief forever wasn't a problem. Forever was my heartbeat and it was the hope tomorrow held. Forever was the glistening silver lining of the dark cloud, no matter how heavy and thick it was.

Forever was knowing it moments of weakness didn't equate to an eternity of them. Forever was knowing that I was strong. View all 10 comments. Another amazing book by JLA. Really couldn't put it down and I ended up finishing it in half a day. Although this book was different then how she usually writes it was just as epic.

The two main characters, Mallory and Rider were perfectly imperfect and that made them perfect in my eyes. They saved each other when no one else was there for them or even cared. As scared kids Rider was Mallory's rock, her support system, and her protector. She was his silent 'Mouse' who patched him up when he was hurt, appreciated and loved him for just being him.

Loved this story, really worth the read. View all 8 comments.

I don't know what to say. I really really don't. JLA was my absolute favorite author for two years But I had thought I remembered her writing being more I don't know I don't know what to say. I found that JLA and I stopped seeing eye to eye at the end of the Lux series-her last two books left so much to be desired, in my opinion, because I just had so much love for the first three stories. Hell, her Lux and Covenant series have a bunch of space taken up on my bookshelf because I love them so damn much. I still held out hope for her writing, though, as she began to switch into the contemporary field.

Her attempt at contemporary stories was the final nail in the coffin for our relationship as I began to see how boring her stories were without the threat of death, mayhem, evil aliens, and crazy deities. If you look back on my older reviews wait for me, last two lux you'll see I did rate them highly-this goes back to my 'I don't want to be the only weirdo who is turning on this popular author' days where I didn't have a voice and, frankly, wanted to stay loyal and hold onto the last thread of hope that my favorite author could still do it for me and not turn into someone who failed to make my heart beat faster aside from my love for the Covenant series and the first three Lux.

So why in the hell did I read this if I don't like her anymore, you ask? I may not think she is as amazing as she used to be after being let down so many times, but I always found her writing addicting as fuck. But here, I found there was a lack of fluidity in the writing FOR ME, I just didn't connect with her flow and I had to keep going back to re-read paragraphs just to get the feel of the sentences right.

Secondly, this story line seemed epic and unlike anything she has ever done before. I loved seeing Rider's vulnerability and Mallory's voice.. Third, she always creates my dream BBFs. And on this front? I wanted to love another JLA book Alas, this didn't happen I know one of my best friends will always love JLA- always. And I sincerely wanted to be that person, again, who fell hard for the author who made me realize I am a peril whore who thrives on that dreadful, heart-shattering cliffhanger Cough Opal Cough.

I mean, guys, she is the author who made me the crazy with want after a crying desperate plea of love perilista I am today-I didn't even know I had this type of masochistic bone in my body I had read these types of books my whole life but had never realized it was an addiction until JLA before her, and she shaped my GR name , my reading style , and my whole world. So, yes, I read a book I knew I might not like The writing may have not worked for me, but I imagine many of you will find no stilt, no disconnected feeling like I did- it's a personal preference, really.

And, as for the main characters, Rider and Mallory, I think that's a personal preference, too. Rider was perfection, no doubt about that, and I felt like skimming all the time until I could get back to him again, all about the boy, not a good sign. He was sweet, loyal, flawed, and absolutely adorable. When he blushed my heart soared and I became all giddy. When he got all protective of Mallory I fell harder in love. And OMG, the book, guys, that book But, and this is a small but, I didn't get to bbf status with him He made my heart and stomach do crazy flips, but maybe I was just so bored with the story I didn't give my full attention She was fine but I might be a bitch, but it's how I felt.

And I feel bad because I know that's just how she talks, but I just didn't fall for her as a character. I felt detached and indifferent , most of the time, and only really started loving parts when Rider was in them. Seriously-he was all I looked forward to I guess I loved him way more than I let on, whoops lol and was ecstatic when his name or dialogue popped on the page. And, hey, maybe it was the relationship he was involved in that bothered me? Not heavily, but maybe it just bored me that we had to go through that drama, as well.

Fuck, guys, I don't know-Here I am, again, saying this horrible phrase: I hated this book For more of my reviews, please visit: View all 45 comments. May 20, Rachel Reads Ravenously rated it liked it Shelves: JLA is one of my all time favorite authors, many of you know that because I've been screaming about her books since I discovered them. I enjoyed this book, and I love the concept of it. I just didn't like the execution of it. This is the story of Mallory, a foster kid who doesn't speak much because of PTSD and conditioning from her previous foster home.

Four years later and a nice couple have taken he 3 stars This book Four years later and a nice couple have taken her in and homeschooled her, but now she's going to fulfill her senior year at a public school. On the first day of school she runs into the boy she never thought she would see again, her protector in her old foster home. They are happy to see each other, but their time in that horrible house has left it's mark.

I think Mallory's story was an important one to tell, social anxiety stemming from her issues is a tough subject. I feel teens will be able to relate to her as a character and easily empathize with her. What I didn't love was this book was looooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg. Like, the message could have been executed in pages instead of Because for me, this book dragged big time. I never had that excitement to pick it back up again once I put it down. I think I am one of the few with this opinion, so please pick it up and try it for yourself.

JLA is still one of my favorite authors and I will gladly read anything she publishes in the future, this just wasn't exactly my cup of tea. This book has a pretty cover. View all 41 comments. Jul 13, Sophie rated it really liked it. The only contemporary romance I have ever been able to finish. Honestly, so not surprised I mean, is it even possible for me to dislike something written by JLA? I keep waiting for it to happen, but uh NOPE. Check out my full review here: View all 4 comments.

Apr 28, ambsreads rated it it was ok Shelves: What is 'The Problem with Forever'? The fact it felt like forever for me to finish this book. Well, that's a lie. However, when I woke up and continued to read it lost all the charm it had the previous night. It was now boring. It lost every part of the spark that entrapped me in the story and the further I got the more I wanted to DNF it, but I persevered because I hate myself obviously. I usually love every one of JLA's books, they're guilty pleasures and fast reads.

However, this one fell completely short. Maybe it was the brief mentioning of things to only be disregarded - e. I never understand when people are afraid of a character in a school like the whole school is afraid of them. I, myself, went to nine different schools and not in one was there a single person everyone was collectively afraid of. Maybe, it's just an American cliche I can't understand. I would like to read a book about the side characters - particularly Ainsley and Hector. They were brilliant characters and honestly made up for the lack of story in the rest of the book.

I also wasn't that shocked when view spoiler [Jayden was shot, I presumed that it was be Mallory who was short and that would lead to Rider breaking up with her for her "safety". Mallory wasn't able to do anything for herself and Rider honestly just had a death wish. Characters Mallory was plain. Thats the best description of her. She was incredibly plain. She carves things out of soap for Gods sake and thats meant to be the quirkest thing about her - keep in mind this particular skill is sparingly mentioned as well.

But, Mallory, our sweet never been kisssed and has been homeschooled for four years, is someone I would get sick of quickly. I understand that she has been through things, I'm not being unsympathetic, but she couldn't move on from the past which was infuriating. Things happen and you have to move on from said things is what I have learnt, Mallory, however, liked to dwell on these things and break down. Oh, Mallory's other quirk is she doesn't talk. She's neither mute or shy. She just simply has been conditioned to be quiet and four years away from the house where that happened hasn't changed that.

She can barely string four words together without stuttering, and again not to be unsympathetic, it got annoying quickly. It was just annoying. She didn't stand up for herself, she was weak, she relied on Rider for the entire part of the book he was in to help her despite the fact he had his own stuff going on.

She also never got to know the older Rider, just presuming he had remained the same in the past four years. Rider wasn't as bad as Mallory, but he was still bad. He had a saviour complex around Mallory, he put her on a pedestal and won't ever take her down. It was unrealistic and eye rolling. Sure, every girl and boy deserves someone to love them but there is a point where it reaches creepy and overbearing - at least in my opinion.

His character was never developed either. We were expected to think that Rider was the same person he was at like 13 at 18, or whatever their ages were. Everything about his character was unrealistic in the way it was over dramatised. He was painted to be a bad boy, but he was a smart bad boy. Oh wait, no he wasn't actually a bad boy. He was just from the wrong side of town. Which meant none of the teachers cared about him. Which meant that no teachers cared if he went to the wrong lunch.

It was just ridiculous how we were expected that teachers and others wouldn't care about him. Some may say that's public schools but I've been to public schools my entire life to know that fact is false. Rider just wasn't the strong and brave character JLA was trying to portray. Of course, at the end, it is shown that he is as messed up as Mallory. Which was pretty damn obvious. Please excuse me while I ram my head into a brick wall because I can't handle this.

Plot The plot was basically between Mallory and Rider. There was no really other deeper, underlying issues. I mean, view spoiler [Jayden dying could have proved to be a major plot point hide spoiler ] , but the plot primary focused on their relationship and how they cared for each other - along with the fact of Paige and their actual problems from the abuse which weren't really acknowledged besides the fact Mallory didn't talk - earning her the nickname Mouse from Rider which actually came across as condescending each time I read it.

I just didn't enjoy the self-absorbed characters she created which is what ended with this book falling short for me. I also didn't entirely enjoy the dialogue, cringing at moments as I read it. I mean, I've seen so many people who have enjoyed it and I did enjoy it. Just not to extent I would have though with the beautiful writing in the book. Overall Overall, a good book but it personally didn't live up to the hype I was expecting it to.

This review is slightly all over the place and I've probably contridiced myself several times - but I'm okay with that because thats what this book did. This is the author everyone seems to rave about, huh? I have so many book friends who love this author and love her other books. I found nothing extraordinary about her writing and nothing made it stand out to me. What I found incredibly annoying was first and foremost the actua So…. What I found incredibly annoying was first and foremost the actual writing.

I need to…do it.

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The book is also unnecessarily LONG. There was absolutely no quick banter or witty dialogue which is something I look forward to when I read YA. It was like the author was trying really hard to make the reader cry by forcing this awful backstory on the MCs.

Not even a little tear. Not even an eye rub. And maybe that's a harsh thing to say, especially considering the tough subjects this book covers. But you know what YA book with a heroine that has a really tragic backstory made me cry my eyes out? Another huge issue was Mallory herself. I know a few people who read this said there was WAY too much inner monologue. But an issue the heroine faces is speaking.

So I understand the use of it. It was that her voice was never authentic. It was all over the place and felt forced. This was a YA book with no soul. View all 39 comments. Apr 28, Lala BooksandLala rated it it was ok Shelves: My video review can be found here: View all 11 comments. I think that all of us, at the end of the day, just want to be real and want to be loved. Armentrout Before I begin, I would like to let you know that this essay is going to be less than a holistic review and more like a subjective character analysis.

Because honestly, The Problem with Forever doesn't have that much of a plot to evaluate or reminisce about. Still, despite its generally uneventful content, I think that everyone with a beating heart should read this book. The Prob I think that all of us, at the end of the day, just want to be real and want to be loved. To simply put it, they are raised for more than a decade by a pair of abusive criminals.

Eventually, they are saved from their hellish environment, but they are separated and taken in by different families. Four years later, they are miraculously reunited, and one would expect them to be okay and have a completely happy story. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, because Mallory and Rider are anything but "okay. As for Rider, he appears to be relatively unscathed. However, as we all know, things are not always as they seem. Since I've always been interested in psychology, I liked that The Problem with Forever featured a character-driven story.

This book contains almost pages, and each chapter is dedicated to helping readers get to know Mallory and Rider on a nearly personal level. With that in mind, it was great how JLA made her characters so palpable. Each of their thoughts and emotions was precious to me, because they were the keys to unlocking their depth and worth as literary figures.

See a Problem?

For the most part, it was nice to be in her mind. She was a good daughter, a loyal friend, and a passionate girlfriend. She also had this way of being optimistic and pessimistic at the same time, which I found to be weird, if not very interesting. I was so proud of her when she finally embraced her past and came out of her shell of perpetual silence. There were also many times she made me laugh. Despite her lack of romantic experience, her thoughts about Rider weren't totally innocent. Overall, Mallory had more character development than Rider. Although my perception of Rider was quite limited, I loved him as much as I loved Mallory.

Like most YA dudes, he was heartbreakingly handsome. Thankfully, he was more than just a pretty face. If Rider were a character in Divergent , he would definitely be in Abnegation. He was selfless to a fault, to the point that Mallory criticized him for having no sense of self-preservation. He had protected Mallory during their childhood, so it was only natural for him to be her fairy-tale-ish knight now that they were teenagers.

When I come to think of it, his loyalty to Mallory was downright unearthly. I'm not sure if such a guy exists in real life. Nevertheless, his devotion to Mallory was something worthy of emulation. Besides the aforementioned protagonists, The Problem with Forever featured a diverse cast of supporting characters. JLA did not create them as mere plot devices, and I applaud her for that. Mallory and Rider were indeed the stars of the show, but I would really love to read a novella about Ainsley, Paige, or Jayden. As I've implied before, the only thing I did not like about The Problem with Forever was its uneventful content.

JLA's writing style was engaging and easy to comprehend, but it took me more than a month to finish this novel because I kept on putting it down. Some chapters were really slow-paced, I often felt sleepy while reading them. In the end, I enjoyed reading The Problem with Forever because of its priceless and inspiring characters. I will always be fond of Mallory and Rider, who taught me the following truths: It never pays to keep secrets from those you love. You cannot escape your past, but you should not let it define or control your future.

You must first learn to love yourself before you can expect others to love you.

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There is a difference between living and existing. Moments of weakness don't equate to an eternity of them Armentrout Growing up in foster care, neglect and abuse are no strangers so Mallory Dodge and Rider Stark. Years later freedom comes as a result of a particularly harrowing night, but with it, a separation and end to the home they found in one another. There are some powe Emotional. There are some powerful moments shared and what takes place is the a story of love, loss and discovery.

The reticence I usually feel about the sub genre dissipated within the first few pages of The Problem with Forever. There is such depth in both the storyline and characters, the only problem I had was putting it down. View all 21 comments. Mallory Dodge is one of the lucky ones, and after a horrific childhood where the only person who showed her any love was her foster brother, she is now living with caring and understanding adoptive parents.

It's been four years since she was ripped away from the boy who used to protect her from the monsters that were supposed to care for her, and not a day has gone by when she didn't think about what became of him.

Forever - The night in Question {Jo & Henry deleted scene}

Choosing to transition from homeschooling to completing her senior year at the High School, she is knocked for six when she discovers that Rider Stark is also a student there. But we had never really been apart. Mallory was harder to connect to, she was extremely shy and introverted which sometimes came across as bland, but I couldn't help but root for her to come out of her shell and start living.

I do feel however that younger readers will be more able to relate to her and her worries. The book was quite long and Mallory's inner monologue was quite testing at times, but the tender moments between Mallory and Rider made up for that. I also loved the side characters, Rider's foster brothers and even Paige, who was Rider's girlfriend at the start of the book. Overall, it was a sweet read that tackled teen issues in a way that left you with hope and admiration for the two main characters. The Problem With Forever was an emotionally haunting and beautiful story. Reading the prologue alone, I knew that I was stepping into a book that would forever be ingrained in my heart.

Not only because this was a first for me, since I cried from the prologue. To think about children suffering through that type of physical and emotional abuse hurts me to the core. But that wasn't the only reason why this story will stay with me forever. Mallory and Rider enraptured me with their feelings.

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I beca The Problem With Forever was an emotionally haunting and beautiful story. I became obsessed with The Problem With Forever as we transitioned to High School in the first chapter, and that obsession never once wavered. Mallory Dodge was unlike any other character I have met. She was timid, she was overwhelmed by noise, and she had been trained not to make a sound. While she was a foster child, she spent her youth learning that sounds and noises brought attention to herself.

And with attention came physical and emotional abuse. And while I have never once felt nervous, overwhelmed or panicky about the thought of speaking to others, Mallory made me feel terrified right along with her. My palms were sweaty and my stomach was tossing and turning with nervousness. Mallory made me feel every single thing she did! Yet as the story unfolded, we got to see Mallory push herself out of her comfort zone again and again. I loved how we got to watch Mallory grow and find strength within herself.

She was an amazing woman! Rider was a foster child who had grown up in the same house as Mallory. They had been together from the age of 3, until they were separated at Although four years had passed since they last saw each other, it's hard to forget that they were each others world. Not only was Rider her best friend, but he was her protector too. He took beatings that she was meant to take. He sacrificed himself to protect Mallory and keep her safe at all costs. Until they were ripped apart. My heart exploded as those strong arms pulled me against his chest.

There was a moment where I froze, and then my arms swept around his neck. I held on, squeezing my eyes shut as I inhaled the clean scent and the lingering trace of aftershave. What is customer service to you 2. Why did you choose forever 21 3. How would you handle an angry customer 4. If someone would describe you in 3 words what would they be?

Answered December 14, Asked August 29, Come how you normally dress! They love to see what your everyday style is like. Not too comfortable but not too dressed up. Answered November 16, Asked February 21, Answered May 6, Asked January 23, Have i had any bad experiences with customers and how i handled it. What was the most difficult situation i was in? Answered May 1, Asked January 11, Answered October 22, Asked September 24, You sholud call and see what happend.

I satrated soon as they called me in to fill out my paperwork. Answered October 11, Asked August 24, Answered October 6, Upload your resume Sign in. Questions and Answers about Forever 21 Interviews Here's what people have asked and answered about working for and interviewing at Forever Ask or search question. Don't see your question? Please don't submit any personal information.

The best questions are directly relevant to Forever What is the work environment and culture like? How are the working hours? What are some tips for doing well in the interview? How did you get your first interview at Forever 21?

The Forever Question The Forever Question
The Forever Question The Forever Question
The Forever Question The Forever Question
The Forever Question The Forever Question
The Forever Question The Forever Question

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