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Please tweet about ReMe here. We offer persons cared for, families and care businesses a range of services that improve care, enable connectivity and save money. From care assessment, remote connectivity, reminiscence and portable care, to therapy, entertainment and well-being reporting, RemindMeCare offers solutions. Register and go on to create an account for your care facility. You can explore the boundless features that can help people living with dementia today! By signing up you confirm that you accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Keep me logged in. Register as a Business Register as a Family. ReMe for Care Businesses ReMe has no set up fees, no contract, monthly subscription, and a first month money back guarantee if not satisfied. Fill out my online form. Testimonials from clients and partners. The importance of memories.

School communication shouldn’t be so hard.

RemindMeCare's unique profiling dementia app is stronger than other systems I've have had experience with Prof. Duckett, Royal Free Hospital. ReMe enables wards improve person centred care and develop acute care strategies for dementia care Carol Munt, Patient Partner R. RemindMeCare's dementia app bought back so many fond memories. I have to say RemindMeCare is brilliant - filling the gaps where there's no other software available I. Bradford, Greenview care home.

Improving person-centred care's at the heart of reaching outstanding care - the RemindMeCare elderly and dementia care app assists do just that Mandy Thorn, Owner Uplands Care home. RemindMeCare connects me with my family more easily, when with them or when they're away. Derek Davis, living at home with dementia, Chelsea.

We use RemindMeCare with clients that don't have dementia. Stephane Duckett, clinical psychologist at the Royal Free Hospital. It has all the same functionality exists within the PMs.

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So use it for private reminders with any link you want within the [ and ]. If no link is provided it will default to this page. Note that Subject title does not matter and that you don't need to use the above link. Any PM sent with the message RemindMe! I'd suggest deleting your comment no one likes spam and trying again. Sometimes the bot misses a comment because there are too many comments happening at once on Reddit or connection issues. Do not worry about the reminder though, as long as the confirm happened, the PM will come.

  1. A Tale of Two Sons: The Inside Story of a Father, His Sons, and a Shocking Murder.
  2. Heroides (Classics);
  3. Besser als Liebe: Roman (German Edition).
  4. U Remind Me.

Worst case scenario is that it will come late if there are connection issues. The bot currently goes to sleep every 2 minutes to save on resources. As long as it doesn't receive a global ban on reddit it will get your message. Although it won't send the message to your comment, it will PM you to confirm. If you see others doing RemindMe! It is always vigilante. The bot takes in your reddit username and then will send the PM to that name. As long as you don't delete your account you'll get your message. Do note that if you delete your message, unless it's a top level comment it won't be able to return the original parent comment.

Could it be a private message reminder? Less likely to get banned if it doesn't start filling comment sections. I think the first reply where it notifies that the reminder has been accepted is great, just the follow up should be a pm.

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Can see this being huge: I fucken do man! Need my wisdoms pulled by my 20th birthday!

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Next month on the 27th. I hate the dentist but hey I got 33 days.

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I'll message you on Hello, I'm RemindMeBot, I send you a message if you ask so you don't forget about the parent comment or thread later on! Hello, I'm RemindMeBot, I send you a message so you don't forget about the parent comment or thread later on! You might like to do some tests on this. IIRC the dogecoin tip bot will still complete a transaction if it is summoned in a subreddit it is banned from, it is just incapable of leaving a confirmation message. Good or Bad news: I'm not dead yet!


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Re-Mind Me Re-Mind Me
Re-Mind Me Re-Mind Me
Re-Mind Me Re-Mind Me
Re-Mind Me Re-Mind Me
Re-Mind Me Re-Mind Me
Re-Mind Me Re-Mind Me
Re-Mind Me Re-Mind Me
Re-Mind Me Re-Mind Me

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