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October , Paperback E-book also available. Basic Skills for Building Construction, 4th Edition. How Your House Works: July , Paperback E-book also available. The Gypsum Construction Handbook, 7th Edition. March , Paperback E-book also available. Plan Reading and Material Takeoff: February , Paperback. You'll be able to test drive our comprehensive library of costs — covering every category of construction, from new construction, to repair and remodeling, facilities maintenance, green building, to residential, and more.

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Whether planning, budgeting or estimating, RSMeans Data Online is the quickest way to find reliable cost data on construction materials, equipment and labor. Construction professionals from all corners of the industry access RSMeans Data Online to build complete estimates, find and validate construction costs, compare local costs against national averages, or get quick, conceptual estimates for a variety of building types.

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We continue to grow and update our construction cost database of over 85, unit prices, 25, building assemblies and 42, facilities repair and remodeling costs covering every category of construction. We offer dependable cost data that is locally relevant, accurate and up-to-date. Available in convenient book, CD, eBook and online formats, owners, developers, architects, engineers and contractors use RSMeans data from Gordian to get the information they need to build competitive cost estimates and control construction costs. Email to Customer Support. Sign up now to stay up to date on the latest developments.

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Building Security David D. Recognizing the unique andcritical role the supervisor plays in project success, the book'sleadership guidelines carve out a practical blueprint formotivating work performance and increasing productivity througheffective communication. Key lessons emphasize adaptable strategiesfor managing risk and unexpected workflow challenges.

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Beginningwith the definition and importance of supervision and ending withthe increasingly important role construction supervisors will holdin the future, this book covers a wide range of topics, such asbest practices for accomplishing project objectives, managingphysical resources, schedules and costs, team building, and muchmore. A unique focus on field supervision and crew management Coverage of supervision from the foreman to the superintendentlevel An overview of technical skills whose mastery will buildconfidence and success for the supervisor A detailed view of "soft" management and communicationskills From planning and executing in the field to jugglingresponsibilities on the fly, Construction Supervision fosterspreparedness with a broad range of supervisory situations one islikely to encounter on a commercial, residential, industrial, orinstitutional construction project, and offers sound advice forsolving the most complex management issues.

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  • The Role of the Supervisor. The Book s Structure and Organization. Making the Most of the Book. As a certified Class "A" construction superintendent in Denver, he served as project manager on a number of commercial building projects prior to more than thirty years as a construction educator.

    Concurrently, he has developed numerous training programs in project management and supervision for the construction industry.

    Construction Supervision (RSMeans) Construction Supervision (RSMeans)
    Construction Supervision (RSMeans) Construction Supervision (RSMeans)
    Construction Supervision (RSMeans) Construction Supervision (RSMeans)
    Construction Supervision (RSMeans) Construction Supervision (RSMeans)
    Construction Supervision (RSMeans) Construction Supervision (RSMeans)
    Construction Supervision (RSMeans) Construction Supervision (RSMeans)
    Construction Supervision (RSMeans) Construction Supervision (RSMeans)
    Construction Supervision (RSMeans) Construction Supervision (RSMeans)

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