The Fall of the Tyrants

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Karma, Love and the Fall of Tyrants

It's 'I don't have an autonomous life'. I don't know precisely when that stage comes up.

If there is a point of strong similarity between a number of the revolutions of and what is happening now in the Arab world, it is in the gradual abandonment of this "bread not politics" deal. At Cairo University, Professor Ahmad Shalabi has dubbed this acquiescence to power in exchange for certain economic and social benefits the demuqratiyat al-khubz - the democracy of bread. He describes the political bargain between post-independence Arab leaders who have received deference from their people in exchange for subsidised services.

It is a bargain that has collapsed confronted with the espousal by regimes of neo-liberal economic policies, widespread corruption and the same desire by young Arabs for more political autonomy.

Larbi Sadiki, who lectures on democratisation at Exeter University and has recently returned from observing Tunisia's Jasmine Revolution, asks the key question. It is a psychological process. With rebellions, quantity makes quality. Knocking on their neighbours doors to say 'Let's go to Habib Bourguiba [the main avenue in Tunis and the focus of that country's protests].

That's what you saw after 9 January in Tunisia. After that point people were looking at what was happening and saying these kids who are getting killed are dying for us. Then everyone becomes personally concerned.

The Fall Of The Tyrants Poem by Lady Jane Wilde - Poem Hunter

In Tunisia that figure was Mohammed Bouzizi, the fruit seller from Sidi Bouzid who set himself on fire. In Egypt early focus was provided by the murder of Khaled Said,who was savagely beaten by the police in Alexandria last June and whose name became a rallying call for the activist networks who participated in the first big demonstration against the regime.

Lady Jane Wilde

In the fall of Ferdinand Marcos it was the long-held suspicion of Filipinos that the dictator had helped cover up the assassination of Benigno Aquino at Manila airport in that acted as a lightning rod for opposition to his long rule, and transformed Aquino's wife, Corazon, into his leading challenger. And the use of violence by the regime under challenge, argue both Petersen and Sadiki, acts as a further crucial trigger for escalation by protesters against the regime.

It is not simply because the state use of violence - whether in Bahrain or Romania, Egypt or Libya - acts as reminder of its brutal nature at a time when it is more vulnerable than it realises.

The fall of tyrants is always a family story

It is also because the use of state violence confronts those still part of the state with a moral and strategic question: They are required to make a choice: Try it free for 30 days! Zechariah 10 Zechariah Enrich your faith and grow in spiritual maturity with the incredible Bible study and devotional books listed below. Try it for 30 days FREE. Cancel at any time.


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Sometimes the wives are an improvement. Family politics always resembles a Mafia clan: Simon Sebag Montefiore 26 November 8: See also World politics.

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The Fall of the Tyrants The Fall of the Tyrants
The Fall of the Tyrants The Fall of the Tyrants
The Fall of the Tyrants The Fall of the Tyrants
The Fall of the Tyrants The Fall of the Tyrants
The Fall of the Tyrants The Fall of the Tyrants
The Fall of the Tyrants The Fall of the Tyrants
The Fall of the Tyrants The Fall of the Tyrants

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