Behind Enemy Lines Saved By a Secret Weapon (French Edition)

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LaBrosse almost fell off his bicycle when he realized who it was — Lucien Dumais! But surely this was impossible. The German army vehicle that whisked Dumais to Saint-Brieuc apparently had passed right by the field where LaBrosse had collapsed, dog-tired, for the night. Dumais was a thirty-eight-year-old career sergeantmajor with Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal when he and some two thousand other Canadian soldiers were captured in a suicide raid on the port of Dieppe in August Like LaBrosse, he fled via the Pyrenees.

LaBrosse and Dumais met in England, where they trained together as spies. The young, soft-spoken LaBrosse and the older, tough-as-nails Dumais proved to be an excellent team, although Dumais would admit later that he had his doubts. He thought the easy-going LaBrosse would not be able to stand up to the roughhewn French Resistance fighters they would be dealing with. But not long after they landed at a makeshift landing strip outside of Paris on November 19, , LaBrosse proved his mettle as Resistance members moved in to help them. When one of the Frenchmen reached for it, Raymond hissed: Two spies who did not return … Frank Pickersgill: The brother of long-time federal cabinet minister Jack Pickersgill, Frank was arrested by the Gestapo after making his first parachute jump into Nazi-occupied France on the night of June 15, He underwent excruciating torture, then was taken to Gestapo headquarters in Paris where he was told that if he co-operated by betraying his fellow agents he would be treated well for the rest of the war.

He leapt from a second-storey window and was shot four times. He survived but was immediately recaptured. Months later he was executed at Buchenwald by slow strangulation — he was hanged from a wall by a length of piano wire attached to a meathook. The Canadian spy was whisked away to Gestapo headquarters. Most Allied spies were garrotted, shot in the back of the head, or slowly strangled with piano wire. A Swiss who emigrated to Canada in the s, Bieler badly injured his back in a parachute jump into France on November 18, He managed to direct raids against German installations from a forest hideout even though still in great pain and barely mobile.

As soon as he was back on his feet, Bieler joined his fellow Canadian saboteurs and members of the French Resistance in destroying strategic German targets. Quentin when two cars screeched to a halt outside the building and a. Known as Gaby to his friends, he was the third Canadian parachuted into France in He was picked up returning to Tours by bicycle after helping an American pilot escape.

Realizing he had to make a break for it before he was swallowed up in the Gestapo interrogation centre he was being taken to, Chartrand threw his bicycle at the German agent who had arrested him, then took off at a run. He managed to contact a fellow agent and was put in the pipeline to Plouha, Brittany, where two Canadian spies were able to help him escape across the English Channel to freedom. The spies aiding him in his escape, he learned after the war, were Lucien Dumais and Raymond LaBrosse.

Then the Resistance fighter gave a small smile and a shrug and left the suitcase alone — as Raymond had ordered. The moment passed without incident. Any locals or German soldiers they dealt with regarded their Quebec accent as a dialect from some remote French village. They recruited dozens of French civilians to funnel the fugitive airmen to Plouha, a tiny coastal village with a strong Resistance cell, where airmen could be hidden until they could be evacuated off a nearby beach.

The next few weeks raced by and the two men were soon ready to launch Operation Bonaparte. Finally, on the night of January 29, , Dumais and LaBrosse were listening to a low-volume radio in a small stone farmhouse in Plouha when they heard a welcome phrase: The rescue was on.

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  5. The agents quickly switched off the radio. It was common knowledge that the Allies were planning a massive invasion of France. The tense, trigger-happy Germans were likely to shoot first and ask questions later. LaBrosse had sent a message to M. He warned them that the slope had been mined by the Germans but that a Resistance member had marked each mine with a small white cloth. Dumais would lead the way by the light of a hooded flashlight, and everyone was to follow in his exact footsteps down to the beach about seventy-five metres below.

    Dumais and LaBrosse had certainly proven their worth. Following the Nazi surrender in May of , Dumais was assigned to root out German collaborators in deep cover. He retired with the rank of captain at the end of the war and proudly wore such decorations as the Military Cross, the Military Medal, the Efficiency Medal, and the Freedom Medal. He retired with the rank of lieutenant colonel in Medal of Liberty with silver bar. Unfortunately, the crew of the gunboat — MGB You will maintain absolute silence and do exactly as you are told.

    There are enemy sentries and patrols in the area. If it becomes necessary to kill any of them you are expected to help — use knives or your hands. Be quick and above all be quiet. Your lives and ours depend on it. Shivering in the damp cold, they strained their eyes and ears for some sign of their rescuers. The minutes dragged by. Suddenly, out of the darkness, the silhouettes of four small rubber boats appeared, each manned by two paddlers. The craft nosed silently up onto the sand and the eight crew members of the gunboat, which was anchored about two kilometres out in the channel, jumped ashore.

    Within a few minutes the four rubber dinghies were relaunched, disappearing into the gloom. Dumais and LaBrosse watched them go, then picked up the delivered goods and carefully made their way back to the stone hut, retrieving the pieces of cloth that had identified the placement of the German mines. While awaiting the 6 a.

    To our first success. It went like clockwork. But we have a busy season ahead.

    Behind Enemy Lines Saved By a Secret Weapon (French Edition) Behind Enemy Lines Saved By a Secret Weapon (French Edition)
    Behind Enemy Lines Saved By a Secret Weapon (French Edition) Behind Enemy Lines Saved By a Secret Weapon (French Edition)
    Behind Enemy Lines Saved By a Secret Weapon (French Edition) Behind Enemy Lines Saved By a Secret Weapon (French Edition)
    Behind Enemy Lines Saved By a Secret Weapon (French Edition) Behind Enemy Lines Saved By a Secret Weapon (French Edition)
    Behind Enemy Lines Saved By a Secret Weapon (French Edition) Behind Enemy Lines Saved By a Secret Weapon (French Edition)

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